Your body is a masterpiece but are you treating it that way?

What do you think your body is?

Is it just flesh and blood?

Is it just all about 2 arms to work, 2 legs to walk and a tummy to stuff food?

Is it?

Just think about it!

Nope friend, you and your body are much more than that.

Your body has been created by God with infinite amounts of love and care.
And it mustn’t be wasted at any cost. It must be taken care of like the most precious jewel in the world.

It must be exercised like a machine, fed like a lion and cleaned like a temple.

You see hundreds of guys on the street who eat and drink irresponsibly. Not only they are overweight and in bad shape but they are slow, weak and lazy.

What do you think they think about themselves? What kind of image they have about themselves?

Depressed, lack of self-esteem and an unwillingness to live. That’s what they feel, they just exist! You have to ask yourself a question, “Do I want to be one of them?”

“Do I want to just exist or live my life to the fullest?”

You want to live your life to the fullest just like a fearless gladiator in the coliseum. That’s why you were created. But for this to manifest, yes you have to take some pain, push your limits and eat responsibly.

You have to make a to-do list a night before with physical activity on top.

Make a rock solid physique with equipment from here:

You have to visualize yourself waking up early and running, hitting the gym, doing yoga or anything that gets your heart pumping.

It all starts in the mind before it can happen in real. If you can achieve it in the mind then sure you can achieve it in the physical world.

Remember, you are a creation not just a piece of meat.

Respect the creation and conquer your life.

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Hello, I am Akshay Sharma, I am a content writer by profession. Fitness, meditation and reading are my passions. By being mindful of my physical, mental and spiritual fitness, I am becoming aware that life is full of adventures and fun and must be treated in that way only. A lot to learn and a lot to teach, that's what my mission is. Keep learning and keep spreading love buddies, Cheers!

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