You are the most beautiful creature in this whole universe, here’s why!

Has the world ever tried to steal your freedom?

If yes then consider this post as a medium to break free from all the shackles that people are trying to restrict you with.

There is a huge significance to your life, yes your life. This significance is real and there are good reasons for it.

Reading this article will help you to feel it and make you shine so brightly that others will be able to see it clearly in your presence.

Let’s take a look at those reasons

You are surrounded by love 

You might not believe that you are but that does not change this fact. Maybe the people around you find it hard to express themselves but love surely flows through your interactions with them. Doesn’t matter where you are, you are loved dearly.

You have to believe it at all times and your life will change for the better.

You are helpful

A mother gives birth to a child and the child helps the mother to love in the ways she has never done before. This shows that the exchange of help happens in both directions. You are this child whose existence automatically contributes to the learning and growth of the people around you.

Your presence leads to the unfolding of their life’s story which eventually makes them grow.

You are the main character  

Sometimes people show up in your life and the things you say to or do for them makes a huge positive difference in their lives. You are someone who lights a candle in their darkest moments. You are the light that helps them to see.

You are the character who holds the candlelight at the end of the dark cave they are going through and the first face they see after emerging from hell and that’s what gives life its deepest meaning.

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You are one of a kind

Nobody in this whole universe will go through experiences such as yours. You are a one-time-only movie which will hit this theatre called life only once. It just isn’t possible for anyone to exist precisely in the way that you have existed.

Even if you try to strip off the unique things about yourself, you won’t succeed. You are incredible and you can’t help it.

Your life has a meaning

It doesn’t matter how senseless or difficult things seem sometimes but you are here for a reason. Don’t be an artist who is tired of painting and be your own personal Picasso who paints life with stunning and exciting colours.

Forgive everyone around you and find your purpose.   

Life is beautiful, you are significant and you are loved, you truly are!


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