Why We develop an Inferiority Complex and How can we Beat it!

Akshpreet is a 35 years old man who thinks that his life is going on pretty smoothly. But he has a short temperament as when someone says something bad to him he starts to shout. Although he is an adult but still feels shy when surrounded by a lot of people.

He is not sure about why he is shy but believes that he’s not attractive and will go through a hard time attracting women. Whenever someone rejects or criticizes him he gets hurt deeply.

Akshpreet is living his normal life without remembering anything he experienced 25-30 years ago. That’s maybe because his subconscious mind doesn’t want to remember the painful experiences. Let’s take a look at his past.

When Akshpreet was just 4-5 years old his parents and teachers used to call him ‘Dumb’ whenever he committed a mistake. So, unfortunately, he formed a belief that he is actually dumb.

As his life progressed and he turned about 15-16 he used to get good grades in school and convinced himself that he was not a dumb after all. But somewhere he believed that he looked like a dumb person by appearance and that’s the reason why he was called dumb about thousands of times in his past.

The belief that he looks ugly or a dumb person made him avoid interacting much with people and naturally he became a shy person.

Whenever someone criticized him for anything he thought that it was because of his looks. Whenever someone rejected him he thought the same that because of his looks he isn’t able to do anything. All these problems accumulated in his subconscious mind and irritated him often.

Akshpreet was a calm guy but suppressed emotions made him lose his temper easily. It’s not entirely true when they say that the past doesn’t matter.

In fact, everything you are experiencing right now is directly or indirectly related to your past. Even if you achieve huge success in your life your past will chase you. What you can do here is, just take a piece of paper and a pen and start to remember your past.

Try to figure out what happened to you. How were you rejected, by what names you were called and what were the failures that you faced.

When you feel that you’ve gathered sufficient information decide that you won’t let your past experiences affect you anymore. It’s time to think that if you were not liked as a kid then it doesn’t mean that you won’t be liked as an adult also.

It’s time to know that if you were called by bad names in your childhood doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.

It’s time to believe that if you faced some failures as a kid then it doesn’t mean that you will be a loser all your life.

Yes, the past experiences won’t disappear instantly but they will hurt a lot less. The more positive auto-suggestions you give to yourself the better you will get every day.

It’s time to beat all the odds!

It’s time to rise!

It’s time to Win!

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