Why is Lion called the King of the Jungle and how you can be the King of your life!

You must be awed by lions, and if you’ve learned about them a bit, one fact about them that you can’t miss is they dominate the area in which they live and are top predators.

Lions are among the strongest creations of god and even the most powerful beings stay away from them as much as possible.

They have the touch of class and royalty in everything they do, after all, they are the kings. From eating rituals to ruling huge pieces of land, a lion has a headstrong attitude and lives like a true legend.

But their life is also full of problems and obstacles, just like us. There is very little room for error as one mistake may cost them their lives, territory or offspring. Also, the success rate of their hunting is only about 20 percent as it’s not easy at all.

Their challenges are way bigger than human beings as they never get a second opportunity.

But have you ever seen a depressed lion? 

They have to go through the unimaginable struggle to hunt and rule but they never give up. They also have their limitations and fail sometimes but do they dwell on their failures? Not at all, they keep on trying and eventually succeed.

So what do you think is the motivating factor that keeps them pushing forward? The answer is survival. It is the only thing that takes them through their harsh lives.

Many lions lose their kingdom, children and even wives to other lions but they never give up on life.

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Here are the Six life lessons the lion is roaring to give you: 

Your goal is your lifeline

 Set an ultimate goal and give your all to achieve it. Just like lions are born to hunt and rule, believe that you are born only to accomplish your life goal. Your purpose and work should be your source of motivation that will keep you going through your tough times.

Learn from failures

Most of the time lions fail while hunting but that doesn’t stop them from catching bigger prizes for their families as they consider their failures as the tools that help them to fine-tune their skills, not as obstacles.

The Power of Focus

Lions make minimum noise while hunting and focus only on their target. They surprise their prey with something new every time which makes their raid successful. Similarly making noise about your goals too much may make you lose focus and screw up.   

Trust the ones who love you

A pride of lions always support each other in difficult times. They contribute as much as they can to the survival of their pride. Just like them, you should also learn that you are more powerful when you are surrounded by your people.

Survival at any cost

 Lions don’t mess with anybody without any reason but when someone tries to mess with them, they don’t back even an inch from the fight. You should also focus on making yourself better in every area of your life rather than getting disappointed by your circumstances.  

The Evergreen ‘Fun’ factor

Lions meet with challenges almost every day but they don’t let them ruin their daily moments. They enjoy every minute of their life with their loved ones and love and care for them to the fullest. 

It doesn’t matter how difficult or stressful life gets sometimes, you should also try to enjoy every moment of your life. Just like lions, don’t let the problems dominate you and live like a champion. 

How will you be a lion in your life? Share your valuable comments below!

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