What you can learn from the most destructive batsman of all time!

You must be knowing Virender Sehwag right? If not then maybe you don’t live in India! Hahaha well jokes apart, there’s not a single person in India or any other cricket-loving nation who isn’t aware of this name.

The reason, well the kind of batsman he was. Fearless, dominating and destructive. Whether it’s test cricket, one day cricket or twenty-20 cricket, he knew only one way to play, the smashing way!

He tore the bowlers apart with his aggressive intent, impeccable hand-eye coordination, and unmatchable timing.

The moment he walked down to the pitch, the bowlers from the opposition started shivering, thanks to the reputation and records he has earned over the years.

Well, what was the reason for his success?

How was he able to play the way he did?

How was he able to be in a state of mind that he treated every occasion, bowler, and situation the same way?

The answer is simple, Belief!

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A strong belief in his hitting abilities got him where he is today. Due to this belief, he was able to see every bowler and match the situation in the same way and played his natural game.

Pressure from teammates, fans and the whole nation wasn’t able to touch his incredible state of mind and style of play.

Through constant practice in your craft, positive self-talk and a lot of determination, you can also be like Sehwag.

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Well obviously you won’t be able to smash the bowlers like him if you’re not a cricketer but sure you can be one of the best in your field.

Doesn’t matter who you’re working for, what the situation is and what you’re going through in life, with belief in yourself, you can smash the obstacles out of your way just like Sehwag relished sending every ball to the fence.

He liked to keep it simple, just see the ball and hit, doesn’t matter who the bowler was and what the speed was. So can you, deal with the situation with positivity and a strong state of mind doesn’t matter how scary or difficult it seems.

Still, I would say that he has done injustice to his talent to an extent by not working hard enough on his fitness and quitting international cricket too soon.

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Well, hope you can pick a thing or two from the legendary Indian cricketer and apply it in your own life.

If you do it, sure you are on your way to being as amazing and legendary as Sehwag was.

All the best!


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