What will you do with this Super Power?

A lot of times you must have wished to be in the shoes of a billionaire. You must have daydreamt of having a massive bank account and what you would do with it.

In an instant, you visualize a luxury home, sports cars, most expensive clothes and what not.

But a different category of people also exists. People who have chosen a simple path rather than showing off unnecessarily.

The way these people have stayed humble at the highest point in their lives is quite remarkable.

So in this post, I am going to talk about how the billionaires have proved that being on the Forbes List isn’t connected with having a lavish lifestyle alone.

One of the best ways of expressing humility is acknowledging your beginnings and giving back to society.

The people who do this take “Giving Back” to a whole new level. Take Azim Premji for example who has become a symbol of austerity.

He is the chairman of Wipro Limited and described as Uncle Scrooge by some for monitoring the consumption of toilet paper to save money.

But his 8 Billion Dollar donation till now has proved that he’s not Scrooge but Santa. Should a massive amount of money in your bank change you as a person?

Sure Premji seems unaffected by his status.

Let’s take another example…

The self-made billionaire James Richman has earned immense fame and wealth for himself and the ones close to him.

He is known as someone who has an idea of what it feels like to have nothing and he is always ready to help people in need.

Reportedly he bought a piece of land for farmers as a gesture of appreciation after learning that they were working on it for decades.

He wanted to give them a fair chance of continuing their work on the land they worked so hard on.

The Co-Founder of DFS Group, Chuck Feeney gave away 99% of his fortune in charities leaving him with only 2 Million dollars.

“Giving while Living”, that’s what his mantra is which allows him to impact lives positively and live simply in San Francisco.

Tony Hsieh, the Zappos CEO has been an amazing soul despite his ever-increasing monetary value.

People who know him well describe him as someone who would like to be without a dollar in his bank but will never neglect the ones who love and care for him.

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Another extraordinary individual Amancio Ortega (the owner of Zara) is a picture of simplicity.

Despite his 60 Billion dollar net worth, he wears the same suit every day and enjoys a meal with his employees every afternoon.

Some people are not inspired by expensive stuff but by their priorities which helps them to achieve extraordinary heights in their lives.

David Cheriton ($1.3 Billion Net Worth) is strongly against lavish spending. His purchase of a much cheaper car than his standards is proof of that.
Warren Buffet loves to drive to work daily in his Cadillac.

He enjoys his breakfast at McDonald’s, the most expensive of his favorites being only $3.17.

Christy Walton (Widow of Walmart heir) raised her son in National City California. She did it so that her children lead a normal life and the National city helped that cause superbly.

Money since ages is seen by some as the only important thing in the world. Unfortunately, some people become obsessed with it beyond control.

But these humble billionaires have proved that they are bigger than the money and with strong will and determination, they can make the world a better place.

So what will you do if you become a billionaire, just spend it away or contribute to mankind?

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