This workout can check off all your fitness goals!

Whether you’re working out since your teenage years or you have just started to move more, you must be aware of the fact that exercise benefits you in a lot of ways. And the benefits are both visible and invisible.

Not all exercises have the same effect though. And I am going to talk about ‘Strength Training’ here. If your exercise routine doesn’t involve strength training, then you might want to reconsider your routine.

Fitness experts all over the world say that it is one of the most crucial parts of any workout routine. But does that mean that everyone should unleash their inner Mr. Olympia by lifting iron? Nope, not necessarily!

What exactly is Strength Training?

If you have been assuming that strength training revolves around kettlebells, dumbells, and barbells only, then it’s not correct. Any movement that pushes your muscle to a higher capacity than the baseline is considered as strength training.

It’s about increasing the load on your muscles in any way you can, not about lifting a particular weight only

To put it more simply, any exercise that makes you stronger whether it involves weights or not is strength training. There is no hard and fast rule in this type of training and it can be different for everyone depending on their current fitness level.

Its purpose is to increase your strength and your ability to execute daily tasks with more ease.

For example, strength training may be a high-intensity training session for a young person but for an elderly, it may be as simple as climbing stairs several times a day or carrying heavy articles at home. The activity should be tough enough to push your muscles so that they become stronger.

Now here come the benefits

As you must have got the idea, the benefits of this type of training are limitless.

Here they are:

  • Less risk of injury while performing daily activities
  • Improved stability and balance
  • Increased calorie burn and metabolic rate
  • More fat loss
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Improved brain and heart function
  • Increased density of bones
  • Decreased risk of stroke, obesity, heart attack, and other medical complications

 Improved mobility and flexibility in the long term is an added advantage. It enables you to use and move your joints with a greater range of motion which is extremely important as one age.

If you don’t strength train, at one point in your life, even the simplest of tasks such as putting something in the cupboard or getting out of the car can become a lot harder. It makes old people stronger and more stable whose chances of falling are pretty less.

It also changes your quality of life by supporting your energy levelsself-confidenceclaritymental focushormone balance, and sleep quality.

Anyone who has a great physique does strength training. But that’s secondary to how good it makes you feel from inside.

Yes, Strength Training is for Everyone!

Good looks, great feeling, excellent performance and injuries at bay, that’s what strength training can do for you and a lot more. Everyone can do it and there isn’t even a single injury that it doesn’t improve, both in terms of increasing stability and reducing pain.

Well, how do I do Strength Training?

Getting started with this type of training doesn’t have to necessarily involve lifting weights. You can begin by using your body weight.

Performing foundational movements like pushups, squats, and pullups should be your first goal. Even as you make progress, you can build more strength without using weights. It won’t take long for modified pushups to become regular pushups and regular pushups to become single-arm pushups.

Perform it regularly (2 or 3 times a week) and soon it will become an addiction as you will notice significant results. Well, that’s all about strength training for now. The main point will always be about moving your body as much as you can, eating healthy and being positive.

Be addicted to fun and living, cheers!

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