This is How You can Get out of Bed Early and Kill your Goals!

Do you know that more than half the world’s population hit the snooze button when their alarm goes off?

If you intend to wake up and get things done then snoozing won’t help at all. Laziness, lack of motivation/discipline, or commitment, call it anything you want.

It’s almost impossible to be productive if you are getting out of bed late.

“So how can I just get out of bed when every inch of my body wants to sleep for a bit longer”, you might ask!

This would be a bit painful but there are several downsides of snoozing than you think or it’s just that you are simply being ignorant. And ignorance will never fetch you the results you want.

Are you aware that every time you decide to wake up early but not able to do it you lower your confidence and belief significantly?

Your commitment to yourself mean less day by day. You can say several things to yourself that you will do this or you will do that but you know from inside that you won’t.

Nothing will harm your success more than losing conviction in yourself. Confidence is the key ingredient to achieve anything you want.

Are you the one who does whatever you say will do? Maybe, maybe not. The next loss is the loss of income you could be having sooner.

Why choose the easier path now and have a struggling life later on when you can choose the difficult path now and enjoy an amazing life later on?

Settling in life too soon will never fulfill you.

Now let’s talk about the hacks you might employ to jump out of bed even before the alarm goes off:

Negotiation with Brain, a Big No-No!

You will always lose in negotiation with your brain so never ever start that conversation in your brain. If you decided to wake up early a night before then do it at any cost, stay true to your word.

Why change your mind at the last moment? Our brain always seeks pleasure so you will have pretty fewer chances of winning the negotiation battle with your brain when you are half asleep in bed.

Once you start pushing yourself to get out of the sweet looking bed, you get habitual.

The Power of Auto-Suggestion

Your behavior is the result of your beliefs and your beliefs are shaped by what you do continuously. Pay attention to what do you say about getting up.

Is it, “It’s very hard to wake up early in the morning” or “I won’t be able to do it”?

Whatever you say becomes your reality and it can either motivate you or demotivate you.

How about this “Just jump out of bed, it’s easy, just wake up” or “I am in control, I will do this because I want to”?

If you find it hard to wake up when your alarm goes off, somewhere in your mind you believe that this is who you are.

But if you change the way you talk to yourself and tell yourself that you can achieve anything, the scenario will be totally different.

The Purpose

Unless you have a very compelling reason, it will be very hard for you to get out of bed.

But why not create it? You need to use the power of your mind to motivate you into action and one of the best ways to do it is to be excited a day before.

Write down the things that you have to get done on a piece of paper a night before (nothing beats traditional) so that you will have your list ready which will kick you out of your bed.

It will just take 2 minutes but the results will be massive.

Have Fun with it

Make things more interesting by creating a game with your family members, friends, spouse or colleagues that every time you fail to wake up early in the morning you will give away something as a penalty.

It can be anything from a dinner treat to movie tickets, but as long as it works for you, everything is fine.

You don’t have to be too hard on yourself from the beginning, just start with getting up 5 minutes earlier and you will reach a point when you will be in control.

So these were some simple hacks to help you get out of bed early and kill your goals.

Just remember that you are in control of your destiny and can achieve anything you want as long as you are willing to bear some pain for it.

Wake up and get after it like a hungry lion!

All the Best!

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