This is how you can crawl your way out of hell!

A lot of times in our lives we face tough situations. Be it unsuccessful relationships, struggling business, stagnant career or depression, in life obstacles are guaranteed and they totally beat us to our knees. What you tell yourself during tough times is the thing that matters the most.

I am going to share some things that I say to myself when I am going through a hell of a time.

The first one is

This won’t last forever!

It doesn’t matter how ugly it is, no event in your life will last forever. Today may be a very difficult day but your situation won’t stay the same forever. Sometimes we give a negative suggestion to ourselves like “Life hasn’t been kind to me”.

“Why always me?”

“Well, I knew that!”

These negative auto-suggestions tell our brain that things will never change for the better. When we repeat these phrases to ourselves again and again, unfortunately, we start believing them.

The way out of your difficult situation is trying to believe that it will pass. It might take 3 months, 6 months or even a year but it will surely pass and you will move onto the next part of your life. Nothing can last forever unless you allow your mind to trap you in your situation.

Just believe that this moment will pass and you will come out on the other side, stronger, better.

I will be a stronger person after this!

When you look at your tough times as emotional strength-building exercises, they take on a whole new meaning. You start looking at them as reps in the gym that may be wearing you down but building your physique.

Yes, the reps are painful but if you keep moving forward, you end up with immense mental toughness. Try to see any challenge as an opportunity to come out stronger.

Your tough times are meant to be stacked just like gold medals so that later in your life when you emerge triumphant, you can look at them and be proud.

Have you dealt with a deadly disease? Good, you will never take your health for granted.

Have you lost a loved one? You will care for the rest of your family members in the way you never did before.

Have you lost your job? No worries, you can work somewhere else and discover a totally new ‘You’.

Without going through tough times you won’t have the strategies to win in the next challenging situation of yours. A hero becomes a hero just because he didn’t give up in his difficult times.

I will keep moving forward, slowly but steadily!

Tough times are just like quicksand. If you don’t move forward, you will eventually sink into it. One of the best things you can do during a tough time is to keep taking baby steps. Jumping out of your comfort zone during a tough time is very important as when you do it you have less time to be concerned about your difficulty.

There is someone who believes in me!

It’s absolutely critical that someone believes in you during your tough times. And sometimes it takes only one person.

One person to have faith in you.

One person to love you.

One person who has faced the same difficulties as you.

This person will believe in you no matter what and change your world upside down.

Don’t give up!

Just believe that you will always find a way out of crap no matter how badly you are stuck. It’s during these times that you will gain the skills and experience to change the world of people around you.

One of the best hacks during tough times is trying to help others as doing so makes your own problems insignificant. Keep in mind that there are people who have way too bigger problems than yours and helping them can make your grinding through life much easier.

What do you tell yourself during a tough time?

Share your views and your stories as reading them might make someone’s struggle easier.

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