This is how you can control your anger in the best way!

Is anger and being extremely aggressive getting the better of you?

Is it hard for you to control your emotions?

If yes then ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is a term that you should make yourself familiar with.

Once you develop the art of channeling your emotions in the right direction instead of losing it randomly on the first person you meet then you can achieve big miracles in life. And this is just the right place for you to learn this art.

Let’s take a simple example if you had a very bad day at work and you yell at your driver for driving fast on the way back home then it is not an emotionally intelligent action.

Yes, the person you yelled at might be driving rashly but the real reason behind your anger is the fact that you had a bad day at work and you wanted to vent your suppressed anger out. By learning the art of taking emotionally intelligent actions, you will be able to manage your anger in a much better way.

When you try to think intelligently, it will be much easier for you to realize that the other person wasn’t driving fast intentionally but might be afraid to drive too slow and reach home late to see his ill wife.

Once you develop the habit of creating excuses for people using this way of thinking, you will be able to get hold of your anger in a very effective fashion.

Now let’s take another example for using emotional intelligence to your advantage. Suppose you had a fight with your spouse and the same situation happened (but your driver is driving slowly this time). The first thing you should do is try to figure out why you are frustrated.

As soon as you realize that you are angry because of the fight you had with your spouse you will be able to remind yourself that your driver carries no blame for your fight against your spouse and getting angry is the wrong approach.

Lack of emotional intelligence doesn’t only harm your anger management abilities but also affects your life in a lot of other negative ways.

Instead of seeing the reality you will see a twisted one if your emotional intelligence is not up to the mark. Developing emotional intelligence won’t only enable you to manage your anger in an excellent way but also help you to avoid the wrong perception which is the root cause of many psychological diseases.

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