The Reasons why Suppressing Emotions is a Very Bad Idea!

Do you try to suppress your emotions and think that by doing so you’ve solved your problems?

Some practices are very common like keeping yourself busy or drinking alcohol after a setback but unfortunately, they are incorrect and one of the biggest causes for bad moods.

The emotions must not be suppressed doesn’t matter how much you think you have got rid of them. You might have a bad day at the office and start shouting at your family on coming home.

This is the result of the emotions you suppressed at your workplace without understanding that they will come out later.

You should understand that by suppressing your anger, you might unnecessarily end up making other victims.

The Connection between Suppressed Emotions and Dreams

Suppressing your emotions is one of the causes of nightmares also. Suppressed emotions have a way to leak through dreams. A dream might recur if you try to hide a suppressed emotion.

But the good news is that if you find a way to express your emotions, you won’t have any bad dreams.

The bad dreams might be nothing but just the signals our minds are trying to send us in order to prompt us to pay attention to our suppressed emotions.

Suppressed Emotions can also result in Depression

One more harm to suppressing your emotions is Depression. If you don’t express your emotions, they might eventually turn into depression.

Whenever you feel bad about something, instead of suppressing your emotions, release them so that you don’t end up getting depressed.

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Suppressed thoughts hit back at you

Several studies have shown that the more you try to suppress your emotions, the stronger they come back and hit you. This is the reason why we sometimes become obsessed with the things we are not able to get and we tend to think about it more often.

If you want to get rid of negative emotions, instead of suppressing them, replace it with positive emotions or eliminate them by roots with the help of stress management techniques.

Never let a negative experience or emotion depress you or hold you back in your life. Just believe that you are the most special being in this universe and are infinitely more capable than you can ever imagine.

All the Best!

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