The Psychology of Colours and How you can use it to your Advantage!

Did you know that different colours leave a different impact on people’s moods?

Did you know that if you wear different colours you can leave different impressions on people?

Did you know that your choice of colours in your clothes reveal different things about your personality?

If not then don’t worry as I am going to tell you the ways with which you can use different colours to not only improve your appearance but also to determine the personality of people, affect their mood and even get desired response from them.

Let’s go…


Black reflects power and authority but it also represents evil. The people who love to be with an authoritative person can be attracted by wearing black clothes. By putting on something black often around those people can make them admire you.

Black can also make you appear thinner so if you’re overweight then wearing black can be great choice for you. You can also indicate independence by wearing black.


Red is a very attractive colour that represents power, energy and strength. If you want to draw a bit of attention to yourself then red can be very useful. It stimulates the nervous system as a result it can make the heartbeat and breathing rate rise.

However do not overuse it as it might lead to irritation. Fun Fact – In a fight, an MMA player increased his chances of winning considerably by wearing red as his opponent saw him as a threat.


Wearing blue can make you feel more calm and relaxed. However if you overuse it too, it can lead to depression. When you put on blue clothes, you give an impression that you are trust worthy and loyal.

And this is the reason why wearing blue in job interviews is strongly recommended as the interviewer unconsciously trusts you (of course if all other factors go well). Any business deal? Go with blue clothes because you will look more trust worthy!


As you must be aware, white reflects purity and innocence. That’s why it’s the colour of brides’ dresses because it gives the impression of purity. White is generally associated with good while the black is associated with negative.

However this is not always the case as a lot of women get attracted towards dark men because they prefer to be with men who seem strong and intimidating.

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Green is a relaxing colour. It can make you feel more relaxed and help make your vision clearer. This is one the reasons why the walls of factories are painted in green. Being in green room or checking out a green website can be more relaxing and unwinding for you.

It’s also undoubtedly connected to nature. That’s why seeing green colour can make you feel more connected to nature and better.


Yellow can be an irritating colour. It has an agitating effect that’s why a lot of takeaway restaurants paint its walls with yellow colour so that customers don’t stay for too long.

Similar to red, it is also a catchy colour and can increase heart rate and enhance metabolism.

If you want to look optimist then definitely go for yellow colour.


Purple is a mixture of blue and red. It has both the power of red and the calmness of blue. By wearing purple clothes, you can reflect wealth, elegance and authority.


Pink reflects kindness and innocence. If you need some help you can try getting it from someone who is wearing pink or white.

Some men avoid wearing pink as they think that it will raise questions on their manliness but the men who wear pink anyway seem to have more confidence in their manhood.

So which colour will you use to your advantage and how?

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All the Best!

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