The Key to Get Rid of your Negative Beliefs lies here!

You must have gone to the circus at least once in your lifetime. In a circus, you find gymnasts, clowns, and animals of all types and sizes. But there is one animal that you can be sure of finding, it’s the elephant.

We all know that the elephant is a huge animal and can make its escape from almost anywhere with ease.

Moreover, it can cause serious damage to anyone and anything who tries to mess with it. But the question is, why it doesn’t try to break free? When a new elephant is brought to the circus, it’s tied with a heavy iron ball.

Initially, the elephant struggles to escape but fails. It tries to escape every day and finally loses all hope of doing so and be free.

Unfortunately, the elephant builds a negative belief that the escape now would be impossible and it will never try to escape even when the chains are removed.

The Brainwash

All of us get trapped in the elephant’s situation at some point or the other in our lives. Our minds are brainwashed daily by our colleagues, friends and the media.

We are surrounded by a lot of barriers that are created by society and they seem unbreakable.

Here are some of the negative beliefs that you might have developed during your lifetime:

  • I can’t learn a new skill now, I should’ve done it when I was a kid.
  • It’s very difficult to find a job these days, there is no way I can find a good job.
  • We can’t get everything in life. Sometimes we have to choose.
  • There’s no time for fun after you get married.
  • Quitting smoking isn’t possible for me, even if I do it, it would be temporary.
  • I’m very unlucky. I never get what I want.
  • It’s the luck only that matters.

How Negative Beliefs can Harm You

If you’re still taking the concept of negative beliefs lightly, I will tell you a story that will change your point of view. There were two friends Pratik and Anshul, who used to play cricket together regularly.

Pratik was taught by his parents that no one gets everything in life. Both Pratik and Anshul started to apply for jobs and by chance were called by the same company for an interview.

The employer told them that they would have to work 12 hours per day if they wanted that job. And this meant that if they accepted the job they would have to quit playing cricket, their favorite sport.

Pratik recalled what his parents taught him i.e. “You can’t have everything in life”, so he took the job.

But Anshul, on the other hand, didn’t accept it believing that there is a better job somewhere that will suit his schedule and allow him to engage himself in his favorite sport.

After a few months in the job, Pratik started to feel that something was missing in his life.

When he used to play cricket, he used to have a great mood and his body was in much better shape. Slowly and slowly depression started to take over and made him quit his job eventually.

Things like these happen every day because people are so much dominated by their negative beliefs. They are unaware of their true potential.

They are held back by their beliefs even though they have limitless abilities and opportunities to overcome them. They compromise with their lives and think that this is the way life was meant to be.

Unfortunately, most people don’t take much effort to improve their lives. Some people don’t try to learn new things in life and think that it is hard to get a good job regardless of how talented you are.

They take up bad habits like alcohol and smoking and think that they can never quit them.

Some people quit physical habits and get fat, giving excuses like their marriage and job take most of their time. Some people find it very hard to recover from a breakup because of their negative beliefs.

“He/She is the one” and/or “He/She is my soul-mate” are one of the most popular negative beliefs in romantic relationships and can stop you from recovering fast.

It’s Time to Rise above your Negative Beliefs   

People say things and spread beliefs without even testing them. So what to do when you meet such people?

You should test the beliefs!

If someone tells you that you cannot do it then don’t just believe him and give it a try. Just because he couldn’t do it doesn’t mean that you will also fail at it. Everyone has different qualities, strengths, and weaknesses.

It’s time to break free from all the negative beliefs and achieve what you were meant to!

You’re better than you think!

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