The Age Old Secrets for developing Mental Resilience, The Third One is just Extraordinary!

Are you tired of searching on the internet and in books about how to develop unbreakable mental strength?

You must be quite aware of the fact that if you get emotionally strong, nothing can break you permanently.

So in this post, I am going to share with you some ways that you can employ to become mentally and emotionally strong and be ready to deal with anything.

Everybody goes through a lot of failures and disappointments in their lives and to recover from that one tries to be strong and sometimes, more than necessary.

So that over-deliberate attempt to be strong backfires and one takes excessive burden on himself.

Toughness should come from within and the ways I will share with you will make you tough from inside rather than you just appearing strong from the outside.

Here we go…

Increase your Pain Tolerance 

If you want to train your mind like a master on the toughness journey then you need to increase your pain tolerance. For this, you have to let go of how you think things should be and accept reality.

No Expectations = No Pain

No Feeling of Entitlement = No Fear of Failure

A Strong Support System

Sometimes we commit the mistake of thinking that we can handle everything on our own.

Sure everybody wants to be the strongest among the ones around them but being alone is a terrible idea if you want to develop mental toughness.

As the famous saying in the Spiderman Cartoon goes…

Wolverine: You need not make every problem of this city yours Spidey, just share some of them with your friends and you will be fine…

Spider-Man: Thanks buddy!

See! Even the mighty Spider-Man is overwhelmed by problems sometimes so why shouldn’t we develop a strong support network.

Your Feelings are a Part of You, Not Your Enemy

Blaming is easy and you might think that it takes the weight off your shoulders or eases your pain but it creates excuses. It doesn’t help at all in building mental resilience.

You need to master the art of taking responsibility for your feelings when somebody hurts you.

There’s is a big difference between who has committed the mistake and who is responsible. 

If somebody has done something wrong with you and caused you pain, sure it’s the other person’s mistake but it’s only you who has to deal with it.

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The Beauty of Solitude

A lot of people are afraid of being alone and sometimes that’s why they keep the music on even if they aren’t listening to it, browse the internet for no reason or seek company even if they aren’t loving it.

If you try to spend some time with yourself, you will be able to think much more clearly, deeply and without any distractions.

Quite obviously isolating yourself from others is not a good idea at all but only 10-15 minutes of ‘Me’ time, be it meditation, a walk in a beautiful garden, etc. will enable you to have amazing control over your feelings and mental state.

Forgive and Forget  

According to one of the great Buddha’s teachings, if we try to love the people who hurt us then we’ll be able to let go like never before.

It might piss you off initially and you might think that how’s this possible but if you try to step out of your ego will notice that it makes sense.

Take a deep breath and think, when you let go, when you forgive, you are gaining more control over your mind and feelings.

And that’s probably the most important thing in building mental toughness. The person who hurt you might think that he has gained power over you but by forgiving him, you take away his power.

Once you overcome your anger and feeling of vengeance, the other person has no control over you.

So looking at pain differently, surrounding yourself with positive people and taking responsibility for your feelings and overall life are building blocks to your mental toughness.

The best part is, even if you fail sometimes you can recover quickly as you’ve gotten strong from inside.

How have you set aside your ego and grown in your life?

Share your story!  

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