Some Life transforming Lessons from the Legends that you need to learn!

If you have been a student of personal development you must have learned a lot of great lessons from the best in the field. When the times get tough, these lessons prove to be very useful and we are able to push through them.

One of the biggest lessons to keep in mind to keep a headstrong attitude is that we can control our reality.

Sounds like a joke?

No worries! In tough times, it might sound like one but in this post, I am going to share some lessons from the legendary people that you can use to keep your mindset strong and peaceful.

Let’s do it!

“We have the Power to give meaning to our lives” – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins teaches us that whatever is happening in the outside world, we have the power to give meaning to our lives. But when things go out of our control, we panic and give up on our power that leads us to a downward spiral.

What you must do here is don’t let fear and outside world have any power over you and use your inner power to choose a new thought and a new action.

“Whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on positives in life, you create more positivity.” 

If there is anyone who can teach us the value of gratitude, that is Oprah Winfrey. She has done innumerable shows about the power of the same both on her network and TV show.

Living in a state of gratitude for prolonged periods is not easy but if you practice it daily, your resilience and mental strength will increase in a great way.

“There is nothing outside that can shake the power inside” – Bob Proctor

Did you know that the world-famous author and speaker Bob Proctor had only two months of education and got broke when he was only 26? He has shared his story in a lot of seminars that how was introduced to a life-changing book by his mentor.

According to him, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is a book that once you develop a love for, can’t stop reading.

His story inspires millions that even if you dream and achieve great heights, you should never stop studying.

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“There’s no room for fear” – Jen Sincero

Choose faith or choose fear, it’s up to you!

Author Jen Sincero reminds us that giving up is always easy but it’s doing the hard thing that matters the most.

In tough times, anybody can crawl under the covers and not face the day but the one who decides to look in the eye of the fear becomes unstoppable in his pursuit of greatness.

“No Matter how many mountains are there in your way, your actions can always move them” – Mel Robbins

Although there are several superb lessons that Mel Robbins has given to the world. But one of his most important ones is “Take Immediate Action”. She teaches us that the more we delay, the more doubts are likely to creep on our minds.

The moment you have an instinct, count from 1 to 5 and act on it. Because if you take more time than required, you might never act on it. If your instinct tells you that this is the time then surely it is.

“You can rise above your circumstances and see your life-transforming” – Michael Beckwith

Do you want to be empowered to think beyond your circumstances? If yes then you can’t miss out on Michael Beckwith, the founder, and director of AISC (Agape International Spiritual Center).

He teaches a fantastic concept that either you can pick up the vibrations or send your own in a room.

Wherever you are, you can see yourself on the other side of the circumstances. Just know that you can be whoever you want to be and whatever you are going through, things will get better.

So which one of these legends resonates with you the most and how will you use their wisdom to achieve miracles in your life?

Let me know in the comments section below!

All the Best!   

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