Some amazing ways to manage stress! Which one you think will work for you best?

Has stress been messing up with your mind lately?

Let me tell you, stress can affect your well-being severely.

Components like lack of sleep, consumption of excessive sugar and daily exposure to toxins deteriorate your health, longevity and mental wellness.

To help you fight stress I am sharing with you some simple but effective ways so that you can rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Here they are!


Though it might sound obvious and simple, deep breathing is extremely relaxing. Here’s what you have to do, sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes, start breathing deeply and let go of everything, as simple as that.

When you start, even 5 minutes daily are enough but once you get used to it you can increase the time according to your schedule.

How about some Adaptogens!

Adaptogens can help you to deal with stress in a great way. They provide you some extra strength, stamina, and immunity which prevents you from getting sick. Some excellent adaptogens are ashwagandha, black ginger, American ginseng, southern ginseng, etc.

Dark Chocolate, the food of the Gods!

The ones who eat dark chocolate are found to have great heart health. Several studies have claimed that eating dark chocolate greatly contributes to stress reduction. Females especially are found to decrease stress considerably by consuming dark or milk chocolate.

A smile doesn’t cost anything!

Studies show that the people who smile even during stressful times recover much more quickly. Look for everything good around you and surely your stress will be relieved and your mood will be lifted.

It might seem a bit hard in the beginning to smile during difficult times but once you’re trained, you will smile even without thinking about it.

The magic of tend and befriend

Tend and befriend behaviors are one of the best stress killers. Trying to fulfill the needs of the children, helping a friend with a task and spending a great time with a loved one are some of them. One of the most effective tend and befriend task is hugging.

Hugging reduces stress, improves attitude and lowers blood pressure. Surely worth a try man!

Meditation, the King of all tension tamers!

Meditation is probably the most studied stress reduction tool and it is super easy too. When you sit down to meditate, just pay attention to your breath, how it comes in, how it goes out. Whenever your mind wanders from your breath, just bring it back to it.

Well, I’ve got a whole dedicated article on this one!


So I hope you can bring your stress levels a bit down just by reading this post. Even if you aren’t able to, don’t worry as every good change takes time. Just start implementing the ways I’ve discussed in this post and sure you’re going to improve your quality of life to a great extent.

Life isn’t that hard as you thought it out to be.


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