Read this before you Cheat on your Partner!

When you see an attractive person for the first time you get a sensation of joy, pleasure and excitement due to the release of certain chemicals in your body.

Slowly and slowly, these feelings disappear and those feelings are felt through closeness and intimacy rather than tickling in the stomach.

When a man meets a beautiful woman, he finds her very attractive even if he is committed to his wife due to the release of the chemicals I was talking about.

At this point cheaters or emotionally weak people develop a new relationship while honest and strong people avoid being pinned down by the attraction they feel for the new person.

If you’re not aware of this concept you might get tempted to cheat on your partner unknowingly.

A very important word about Cheating

You might think that you love the new person more than your partner but in reality the attraction you’re feeling for the new person is due to the hormone release rather than genuine love.

You might feel the following for the New person

  • Brand new feelings that you don’t experience with your partner anymore.
  • More motivation
  • A new kind of excitement

But when you try to scientifically interpret these feelings

  • I forgot the feelings of those chemicals, with the new guy I am feeling them again.
  • I get a more intense chemical surge when I see her than I get on seeing my wife.
  • I don’t think that the release of these hormones will ever stop (the same feeling you get when you married your spouse).

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How to keep Cheating away!

If you become aware of this concept you won’t fall prey to cheating ever in your life because you know that the attraction for the new person is just chemicals not genuine love.

Both the partners should understand the importance of intimacy in their relationship as chemicals can’t last forever.

If you get tempted to cheat just keep in mind that sooner or later the chemical surge will be gone and you might regret it heavily.

Make the person you love read this article so that he/she doesn’t get deceived by chemicals and hurt you unknowingly.

How can I restore these chemicals to my current relationship?

By experiencing new and exciting things together and engaging in eye contact more often can restore the love chemicals to your relationship and let you experience a more satisfying relationship.

Dissatisfaction ‘An Another Factor’

Relationship dissatisfaction can also lead to cheating. If a person isn’t happy in his relationship because of any reason then he might cheat to satisfy his needs that he is not able to satisfy in his current relationship.

So in any relationship, understanding of what you really want is very important.

Sometimes we get into a relationship with a person without actually knowing what do we want out of that relationship only to find later on that we want something else.

That’s why marrying somebody before truly knowing him/her isn’t a great decision at all.

It might lead to cheating because a person might make this critical move before even recognizing or developing his true needs.

The Wrong beliefs about Love

One shouldn’t commit the mistake of believing that love is the solution to every problem.

If you get into a relationship with the ultimate happiness goal and then find that things haven’t changed much then you might get greatly disappointed and blame your partner for your disappointment.

So it’s very important to not to have false beliefs about love and not to chase temporary attraction at the price of true love.

So how do you try to make your relationship with your partner stronger?

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