Quit this Life Ruining Habit Now!

Do you feel that you need someone 24 by 7?

Do you try to hold onto a relationship by any means even if it’s not a healthy one?

Do you try to bury the problems that exist in your relationship rather than trying to face them?

If you have the above mentioned habits then you might be headed for a lot of trouble!

Any person who has these bad habits is called a ‘Codependent’ person.

A codependent person takes side of his partner, friends or family members even if they are not doing the right thing. He makes excuses for helping them even if he knows that they are doing something wrong.

And that wrong can be anything from taking drugs to stealing money.

But the codependent person will justify their wrongdoings in order to be accepted by those people.

As you can guess, codependency is nothing more than suppressing your real emotions for the sake of being needed by others.

Because of being codependent, a person isn’t able to tell the real problems that he and the ones close to him are facing just to hold onto the ‘Caretaker’ title.

The Problems with this behavior

You must have got the idea by now that a codependent relationship is not a healthy relationship at all. The codependent person always struggles with the fear of abandonment, fear of rejection or the need for approval.

He buries the problems instead of bringing them to surface because of his behavior.

Unfortunately, this leads to the continuation of problems and even the rise of new ones.

A codependent person tries to be excessively responsible for everything his partner is going through to the limits that he forgets about his needs, wants and desires.

What causes this habit?

When the emotions and feelings of a person are suppressed during his childhood he may develop codependent behavior. Also lack of self-esteem and the desire to be needed can lead to the need for approval from others.

And ultimately this need causes Codependency.

You must have experienced yourself in your life that sometimes you become overly attached to someone but that over attachment generally arises out of ‘Lack of Self-Confidence’.

If you are struggling to get over a breakup with your partner then you should pay attention to the factors mentioned above and you will learn that you didn’t love the person you thought you loved but it was just lack of self-esteem and confidence that made you to believe so.

Now let’s talk about how to deal with codependency and how to recover yourself from this toxic habit..

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The Solution

If you want to recover from codependency, you have to learn to be assertive to declare your needs and wants.

You have to develop courage to face your partner with the real issues that you are going through in your relationship.

But due to our immaturity and inexperience we think that by not fighting with our partner for the right cause we can save our relationships or prevent breakup but that is not right at all.

It can make the relationship to go on for a while but ultimately it will collapse badly.

Moreover a codependent person faces a lot of fear, anxiety and guilt as a result of this behavior.

If you think that you are a codependent person or you take wrong sides just to preserve your relationship then you need to seriously stop doing this before it ruins your life.

Now how will you address your problems to your partner or loved ones? Share in the Comments Section Below!

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