Procrastinating Writing a Book Long Enough? Well Here’s Why You should do it Now!

Have you been planning about writing a book for ages but couldn’t execute it? You might also have jotted a few ideas on how to go about it.

Perhaps it’s fiction, just like Lord of the Rings or non-fiction like the Code of The Extraordinary Mind, at some point in your life you must have thought that there’s a book in you.

Millions of books are published globally every year and the one you are holding in your mind can be the next.

So I am going to present before you a lot of compelling reasons why you should stop procrastinating and bring your ideas to life.

Here they go…

The Clarity of Mind  

When you think about writing a book for the first time, it looks like an uphill task. It’s exciting but the more you think about getting started, the harder it gets.

So the best approach is to just pick the pen or laptop and start typing.

In this way, you will realize that what a clarifying and soothing effect the writing process will have on your mind.

The Channelization of Creativity

Writing is one of the most authentic forms of creativity and self-expression that humans have access to. We all have the skill to write from a very early age but very few of us have expressed ourselves through writing.

A good book is the one which taps into the mind of readers so the book you are planning to write shouldn’t be boring or monotonous.

Just try to find more and more ways of making it interesting and proceed with full confidence in your abilities.

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A Sense of Purpose 

In November every year, millions of people participate in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

It is open for people of all ages, skill levels and talents to set some time out from their hectic schedules and write like insane through the month.

The goal is to reach a hefty 50000 words as quickly as possible.

Taking on an immense challenge like this or setting a deadline in your head for a certain number of pages to achieve in limited time can give you an amazing drive and sense of purpose.

A Push to Plan Ahead

Almost everyone who writes doesn’t do it full-time as not everyone has a huge budget and hefty advances to spend on PR and marketing. So they have work on their books around their hectic lives.

If you decide to write a book, it will require a lot of planning and attention to detail.

So you are prompted to devise a plan for how to publish and market your book.

The Motivation Factor

Once you have created an outline for your book and a schedule for how many words you will write daily, or how many sections you will finish, you will be surprised by how much motivated you will get.

Having a set of tasks to get done which aligns with your creativity is amazingly fulfilling.

The Formation of Good Habits

If you outline, plan and write a book with discipline then good habits are inevitable. By planning your tasks, you develop a greater appreciation for your time and how you use it.

You will make a conscious effort to be more productive, to avoid things that are less important, and put the tasks which will help you to achieve your goals on top.

New Connections 

When you work on your book on a daily basis, sometimes it may feel that the progress is slow but the determination you employ to jot the words out of your head will be an immensely powerful force.

The more you write, the more connections, ideas, and thoughts you will create.

As you progress with your piece, something that is under a mystery for centuries may become clear to you. You will unveil new connections and develop a brand new way of thinking.

A More Interesting Personality

Writing definitely makes you a better personality than before.

Not only it fills you up with an abundance of knowledge to talk about at social gatherings but also makes you understand the challenges people face in their personal lives.

By writing you have the opportunity to be more energetic and empathetic with people than before.

Unlocking New Doors 

When you dedicate yourself to writing something on a regular basis, you become a more determined and trustworthy person than before.

You are recognized as a self-starter and someone who can accomplish huge goals alone.

By writing a book you will open doors for yourself that you didn’t even know that they existed. People will want to be around you, eat with you, learn from you, how cool is that!

A Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Ultimately, through writing a book you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the ones around you.

It is selfless and selfish at the same time as it allows you to put your soul into something which may benefit mankind.

So when are you getting your vision on paper?

Do it or lose the most special talent and opportunity God has given you.

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All the Best!

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