Let’s bust the myth of self-control, it’s not that hard after all!

A point must have come in your life when you want to build a great body by exercising a lot and following a strict eating plan. Even if you are sailing through your fitness journey smoothly, consuming high-calorie foods even once in a while makes you feel that you’ve failed which might make you give up.

But in reality, this is not the case at all. You’re doing just fine and you shouldn’t be harder on yourself. Yes, self-control is good but not to the extent that you want to be in total control all the time.

This mindset might get problematic for you as you will be either in control or out of control and the chances are high that you will lose control given the temptations one faces these days daily. Self-control doesn’t have to be like that at all.

Just a slight change in your mindset can help you regain control over yourself and also let you eat your favorite stuff once in a while.

Almost nobody can stick to a diet that is 100 percent sugar and fat-free and that too all the time. But you mistakenly believe that you are maintaining self-control by eating ‘healthy food’ and losing control and ruining your health by eating ‘bad foods’.

It is very important for both your body and mind to feel good to perform at their optimal level and for that feel-good food or the bad foods as they are known more commonly play a key role (in limits mind you).

The thing which matters the most is what your long term fitness goals are. And yes you are allowed to feel bad when you lose control to the extent that you regret it later on and hurt your progress as well.

For example, if you eat a piece of chocolate every day but do that within your daily calorie goals and do not feel deprived or overeaten, it is a healthy approach, not a loss of self-control. A little piece of cake sometimes makes it, in fact, easier to stick to boiled vegetables most of the time.

Giving yourself little unhealthy food treats once or twice a month is healthy and makes you stick to discipline even more.

Self-control should be viewed as an ongoing decision process where your goal should be to reap the benefits of the choice made and outweigh the cons.

Some tips on how to get back your self-control  

  • Always remember that there is no such thing as good or bad food because classifying foods like this can make you feel bad whenever crave a bit unhealthy food. Rather see food as ‘healthy’ or ‘less healthy’.
  • If you think that you can’t give up a particular food item, simply don’t! Just try eating it more responsibly rather than cutting it out forever. You will feel good, promise!
  • As the old saying goes, it’s not about how far you have to go but how far you’ve come that matters! Be sure to track your progress and you will discover that you’ve come a long way.

So I hope that your fitness journey becomes a lot easier and you don’t be too harsh on yourself than required after reading this post. Just one golden rule – Enjoy your meal and exercise even harder!

Sweat it out, buddy!

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