Leave a Great Impression on Anyone without even saying a Word, Here’s How!

Have you ever noticed anyone while he/she is waiting for his turn at a clinic?

Or someone who is waiting online for the results of the exam he/she recently appeared in?

If you have then you must have surely noticed some signs of anxiety in that person’s body language.

Anxiety is a body language sign that is very difficult to identify with one gesture but you have to identify more than one gesture before you can truly know whether the person is anxious or not.

Here are a few signals that show that the person is anxious:

  • Nail Biting
  • Heel Tapping
  • Finger Tapping
  • Sweating
  • Whistling  

If the person you see shows 2 or 3 of the above signs then surely he/she is anxious.

When a person is anxious, his brain’s processing power weakens as a result of his mental resources getting occupied. So the person faces a hard time saying or doing the right things.

If you come across a person who speaks fluently almost every time but is making a mistake while giving a formal speech is an indicator that he/she is anxious.

The functions of the body also get affected by anxiety as the body of the person becomes very rigid in tense situations.

It is because the subconscious mind of the anxious person tries to avoid the attention of the people around him.

Now let’s talk about Relaxation.

Obviously, it is the opposite of anxiety. A confident person is always calm and relaxed as his mental resources are allocated properly so he commits fewer mistakes.

You can start to feel more confident by just taking simple body language positions.

By making some little changes in your body language you will see a great improvement in your relationship with the ones around you.

Here’s the bonus, just start keeping your back straight from today and you will appear more confident, attractive and lovable.

So who knows! Maybe you find your soul mate today by making this slight and easy change in your body language.

Nothing’s sexier than a person who keeps his/her back straight.

On the other hand, if you don’t be mindful of the signs of anxiety you might leave a bad impression on people by mistake. How to leave a great impression?

Well, just use proper body language and you won’t have to say a word, promise!

So who you are impressing today?

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