How you can use Failure as your best friend on your journey to Success!

A lot people are afraid of failure. Infact, they take it very personally when they fail. They get embarrassed and dwell on it for months.

The level of fear of failure for some people gets so high that they stop trying anything new and are very hesitant to follow their dreams again.

“What if I fail again?”

“What if my dreams were never meant to exist?”

“What if I end up pursuing something which is completely out of my reach?”

They keep on examining failure and develop a belief in their mind that the failure is their reflection. But fortunately this is not the case at all. If you talk to people who have really made it big in their lives, they will tell you that failure is not a bad thing at all.

Infact, it is as necessary as any other thing in your life if you want to taste success in your desired field.

So in this post I am going to share with you 6 reasons why you should welcome failure instead of despising it.

Here we go!!

Not Failing means Not Trying

Failure simply means that you tried but didn’t succeed. There are a lot of people who are so afraid of failure that they don’t even make an attempt. They let their dreams vanish because they don’t have enough conviction to achieve them.

But what counts the most is getting back up and trying again after the failure. Yes you might fail hundreds of times but each failure will be a new opportunity to learn something.

Failure gets you closer to Success

Failures can be a bit painful, infact very painful sometimes but with failures come lessons. And if you apply the learned lessons in your next attempt, you will be much closer to success.

Maybe the next attempt leads you to glory and even if not, you have learned in way that you couldn’t have if you had given up.

What would you choose, failure or regret?

Have you experienced the feeling of not making an attempt to realize your dreams? If not let me tell you, it’s even worse than the failure itself. If you give up, you might regret it forever. But if you keep going you will not only succeed finally but will be able to taste success.

Instead of regret and failure, you will have pride in yourself and your accomplishment.

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You get Lessons for Life

Apart from teaching you a new and better approach to your goal, there’s one more thing that failures teach you and that is Life Lessons. Life lessons are extremely important as they make you grow as an individual and can teach you understanding, empathy and compassion.

Success doesn’t come overnight and the people who tasted it had to work and fail for it innumerable times.

How strong are you?

This is the question that failure asks your dreams. If you think that failing and giving up in a particular dream isn’t a big deal then it means that you were not invested in that dream enough in the first place.

Failure shows you what you truly love as if you love something you will be willing to fail for it no matter how hard it gets.  

Don’t treat Success and Failure differently

Many people commit the mistake of treating success and failure differently but failure is actually the path to greater success. When you come across a roadblock in your journey, sure you stumble for a moment but that’s the only way you learn how to overcome it and keep going.

Doesn’t matter what happens, if you keep going you will realize your dreams by stepping on anything that tries to come in your way and success and moreover you will be a stronger and better version of yourself.

So what’s your dream and how will you accomplish it inspite of all odds?

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All the Best and Never Give Up!      

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