How you can beat stress and start winning at this game called life

Are you constantly worried?

Frustrated at even the smallest of issues?

Or stuck in a painful past?

Just think about it, is this life worth living?

Is this life taking you to a place you always dreamed of?

The answer is, not at all!

The unfortunate people who have to live this kind of life are not living, they are just existing. They are just constantly thinking about the so-called ‘Good old days’, the ones that never existed.

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Or they are hoping for a brighter future, hoping that everything will be fixed on its own and they will feel good again just like the ‘Good old days’.

Do you know the reason why the good old days never existed and why there won’t be a better tomorrow? The answer is ‘Present’. The Present is the most important gift anybody can have in this whole universe.

It’s the present only that you can think about things and act on them. Be it your goals, your happiness, your relationships and anything that will contribute to your growth.

Start being in the moment, focus and give your very best to whatever you do.

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Sure it will take some time, some practice but once you get the hang of it, real magic will start to happen. Your productivity will go up, your relationships will improve and you will feel true joy in even the smallest of things.

That’s what life should be all about right? Finding reasons to be happy instead of being sad and frustrated.

Yet I would say it’s much easier said than done. Anybody can tell you to be happy, to focus and be in the moment, look for reasons to be happy but you might ask, how the heck do I do it?

In the next post, I will tell you a simple technique to start pulling one of the biggest miracles of life.

Stay tuned!


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Hello, I am Akshay Sharma, I am a content writer by profession. Fitness, meditation and reading are my passions. By being mindful of my physical, mental and spiritual fitness, I am becoming aware that life is full of adventures and fun and must be treated in that way only. A lot to learn and a lot to teach, that's what my mission is. Keep learning and keep spreading love buddies, Cheers!

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