How to Let Go and embrace New Magic in your life

We constantly grow and evolve throughout our lives. We shift, change, and also learn about ourselves and who we want to become.

Surprisingly as we move ahead there will be things and people who served us a lot in the past but have stopped to do the same now.

They just don’t align with our true selves. In these times, we are faced with a choice: let them go or let them become us.

This choice isn’t always so easy as more often than not, the answer is to let go. To let go of the things and people that don’t serve us anymore and surround yourself with ones who do serve our purpose.

But if you don’t do it you are at risk of losing sight of your truest self and who you want to become.

And this is I think the worst thing that can happen to anybody. It is extremely important to realize that happiness must be the number one priority in everyone’s life.

Our lives and the way we want to live it must be the top priority of our minds if we want to lead an ultra-happy and purposeful life.

Otherwise, we end up with people and things that don’t align with our core. Before we can let go of the things that aren’t serving us, it’s important to become aware of them.

We have to contemplate and become conscious of the people and things that are holding us back.

This is hard but extremely crucial as mostly our lives operate on auto-pilot based on our past, our environment, and our experiences.

But once we become aware of them we can consciously let them go and attract new people, things, and events in our lives.

Yes it will be a bit hard to get stuff out of your mind totally but as you move ahead you will feel light, rejuvenated, and open to new people, realities, and experiences.

You are now a recipient of people and things like never before because you’ve made a bold decision of putting yourself first and pursue your intuition. And it’s only when you put yourself first that your life begins to become pure love.

You begin to fall in love with every aspect of your life and the people you are with. You utilize your privilege of creating your own reality.

You feel like you have more time to live a life that is happier, more fulfilling, and more purposeful which is undoubtedly the only reason why we are here in the first place.

Simply know that if you settle for less than you deserve you are committing a crime unto yourself.

You will keep meeting and experiencing new people, events, and the workings of the world. You will never be stuck and the power to choose people and things that align to your core will always be yours.

Open your mind as much as you can to the different shifts, perspectives, and changes that will keep coming to you in this beautiful journey called life.

And if by any chance if something doesn’t remind you of home, let it go gracefully.

Just believe that what is right for you will always make its way toward you and will always be connected to you.

You were never meant to be limited!

You were never meant to be confined!

Break free and be awesome!

All the Best!

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