How to Get anything you want with this Simple Trick!

How to Get anything you want with this Simple Trick!

Do you find it hard to express your needs in front of people?

Do you think that people are unfair to you by not meeting your demands and doing whatever they feel like?

Don’t worry as Assertiveness is the skill you need to learn!

Once you learn this skill it will be much easier for you to claim your rights and that too without being aggressive.

And that’s what the aim of this post is, to make you a more assertive person so that you can protect your rights and do that without any unnecessary aggression.

Let’s go…

Always think before you say yes for a favor

Whenever somebody asks you for a favor, before committing to anything, think about it first. Remember that whether you want to do it or not that’s totally upto you and if you think that it goes against your interests, fell free to say NO.

It may not be that easy as it looks but once you start doing it, it will be much easier.

Your Rights are yours alone, Stand for them!

Whenever somebody tries to violate your rights, stand for them.

For example if somebody takes your turn of using a treadmill in the gym, you must talk to him/her immediately and say, “hi, I am sorry but I was waiting to use this before you, you might be in a hurry but I also want to get my workout done fast”.

Just keep in mind not to be aggressive at all otherwise people will resist you.

But if you didn’t assert yourself, your mind will take a note of it and might make you feel depressed later on as a result of violation of your rights.

The ‘I’ Statements

Use ‘I’ statements. For example, “I am not able to concentrate on my work with this noise” or “I am not feeling like going out right now, I will go later”.

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Body Language

Body language can do two things for you, either support your assertiveness or make you look like just an insecure person who has lost his temper. Stand with your shoulders stretched, make eye contact and don’t fold your arms.

Don’t let Aggression get the better of you

If you commit the mistake of being aggressive people will hate you and that’s not definitely we want. Be as assertive as possible without showing any hints of aggression.

Assertiveness can also save your relationships. Due to the lack of the ability of stating your wants and needs assertively, many relationships are ruined. If you try to ignore the things that bother you, it will only lead to frustration later on.

Frustration will then become aggression and you will reach your boiling point at which you will break up with your partner.

But fortunately with assertiveness, all these problems can be avoided and you can experience a much more joyous and fulfilling relationship.

So how will you use the power of assertiveness to get anything you want?

Comment in the section below!

All the Best!

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