Has your past been bothering you? Not anymore!

Did your partner betray you in your love relationship?

Are you having a hard time forgetting the past memories?

You try so hard but still can’t get past feelings and painful moments out of your head?

Don’t worry as in this post I will share with you a method that you can use to completely get rid of whatever negative or painful is chasing you.

Let’s do it!

A lot of us are constantly depressed about our pasts and complain that it can’t be changed but the truth is, it can be changed and can be changed magnificently.

How? You will surely ask!

If you change your future then your past won’t have any power or control over you.

How to take control of your life

Suppose your business is performing well but all of a sudden it fails and you face heavy financial loss which results in painful memories.

But a few years later, you become successful again and become a millionaire. What will your state of mind be at that time? Will you be still depressed about the losses and pain you faced years back?

Not at all!

In fact, you will be happy and proud whenever you will think about it and will tell others in excitement.

So can you get the picture here?

It’s not any kind of past event that makes us feel negative but our lack of belief that we will have a great future. If we believe that our future will be extraordinary then our past memories will become our happy memories.

That’s why whenever people start a new relationship they forget about the old one because their lives have brightened up again.

Past can only hurt you if you don’t try to see the light in the future. Just believe that your future will be bright and past won’t be able to affect you.    

Using Your Subconscious Mind is the Key

Sometimes the reason why we aren’t able to wipe out a painful memory from our minds is that we are afraid of facing something like that again.

But if you give positive auto-suggestions to your subconscious mind and convince it that it won’t happen again then you will find that even if it happens, it won’t be able to affect you like before.

Suppose somebody bullied you in front of a lot of people and you went home sad and frustrated. But at home, if you promise yourself that you won’t let this happen again, you will find that half of your pain will be relieved.

Yes, I agree that things don’t always go the way we plan but learning some skills to regain your control can help you in a great way.

You can’t control the external events but surely you can control your response towards them. Whenever you are bothered by any painful event, promise yourself that you won’t lose your control again and you will feel much better, I promise.

Another factor that contributes to making a negative memory more painful is guilt. If for any reason you feel that you were responsible for what happened, your memory will become a painful one.

But if you learn to deal with your guilt, you will be prepared to forget your past in a better way.

Moving on from a past relationship is a different game altogether. Beliefs such as ‘He/She is the one’ or ‘He/She is my soul mate’ can make things very difficult for you.

So pay attention to your past events and try to find out the ones that are causing you pain then visualize the future you want for yourself and you will see that you will totally free yourself from pain.

If you lost a lot of money then being rich will erase this memory, if somebody betrayed you then finding somebody better will make your life more wonderful.

Just believe that doesn’t matter what happens, you will come out stronger, wiser, and most importantly happier.


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