Has an addiction been haunting you for years? Not anymore!

Do you have an addiction that has been making your life hell for years?

Do you feel extremely guilty that you haven’t been able to quit that addiction?

Does it hurt when you repeat that mistake?

Don’t worry as you have just come to the right page as I’ll be helping you to get rid of your addictions. So how to get rid of your addictions? See most of us develop an addiction of some sort in our lives.

Be it lying, wasting time, smoking, over-eating or drinking alcohol, repeating these addictions hurt your emotions badly even if you’ve tried your best to avoid them.

People think that ‘Will Power’ is the only factor that determines their success or failure in getting rid of an addiction. But that’s not correct. Do you know why? Let’s take the following story as an example.

There was a guy named Vikram, who was a heavy drinker. The reason for his alcohol addiction was break up with his longtime girlfriend which eventually led him to lose faith in love.

One day at an office party, a sweet-natured and beautiful girl proposed Vikram and told him that she liked him for months but was afraid to tell so. Vikram got ecstatic and couldn’t believe his luck.

His faith in love started to blossom again and in this happiness, he decided to quit drinking.
The first day passed, he didn’t drink, the second day also passed, he was successful and finally, more than a week passed but he controlled his urge to drink.

He started to feel amazing and confident.

Unfortunately one day he met with a car accident. He wasn’t hurt but his car was damaged badly and the repair cost him thousands of rupees. That day Vikram returned to drinking. But why? Where had the will-power of Vikram gone?

Was he determined to quit drinking in the first place? Yes, he was but his will-power was not constant. It changed with time, it changed with circumstances and it changed with the ups and downs of life.

When you are in a happy state of mind, your will-power becomes super strong but when you are sad, it becomes weak.

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When you’re at the top of your world, your will power is forged like iron but when you are facing tough times, it decreases to its minimum level.

So talking about Vikram, what should’ve he done? Is it so hard to guess? Well, let me tell you. He should’ve decided to quit drinking on a very bad day.

He should’ve chosen the day when his will power was down and dusted instead of choosing probably the best day of his life to quit drinking.

If he succeeded in saying no to alcohol when his will power was low then not drinking on any other day would’ve been much easier for him because his will-power will be much stronger on that day.

So I hope that you will find this post a bit helpful in getting you rid of your addictions. I would just like to say that don’t ever try to run away from your problems.

Whatever happens in your life just face it with a bold attitude. And never make bad habits, drugs or alcohol addiction as tools for relieving you of your problems as they are the tools of destruction, not the tools of liberation.

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