Eight Great Tips to Maximize your Home and Bodyweight Workouts!

Home workouts and bodyweight training have become a new trend recently. But unfortunately, most fitness enthusiasts perform their bodyweight workouts in a very ineffective way and end up sacrificing the gains they got in the gym.

The muscle, strength, and conditioning is pretty hard to come but they are forfeited if the approach you employ to perform these exercises is not correct.

But don’t worry, it won’t happen as in this post I am going to share some great tips that you can implement to maximize your home calisthenic and bodyweight workouts.

Pay attention to form and quality of movement

Rather than performing several high-intensity repetitions mindlessly what you should do is focus on your technique with which you perform the exercises.

Believe it or not, this is the best time to work on your technique as you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy weights and bring your ego in between.

Focus on quality, not quantity by mastering your movement as whenever you will return to the gym not only your form will be much better, you will be lifting heavy weights in such a way that your strength and hypertrophy gains will be maximized.

Don’t neglect your joint health 

Many gym-goers are so much obsessed with going to the gym that later on they suffer from months of body aches only because of the desire to fulfill their inner compulsion.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop training hard every time you have a minor pain but if you try to look at this quarantine period as a blessing in disguise, you can improve your joint and muscle health in a great way.     

Correct your ankles and feet

Did you know that proper ankle and foot mechanics is one of the most important components of fitness? But unfortunately, it is neglected! Without proper ankle and foot mechanics, it’s not possible to perform any lower body movement properly.

The reason for this is that the activation begins with the ankles and feet and impacts everything up the kinetic chain. Luckily most ankle and foot exercises don’t require equipment and can be easily performed at home.

Ever tried working out Barefooted?

The best time to take advantage of the Barefoot training is here as right now you don’t have to be conscious about training barefooted at the gym or worry about whether they are allowing it or not.

Training at home is the perfect scenario and time to make the most of barefoot training.

As mentioned earlier, the ankle and foot activation affects everything up the kinetic chain but most conventional shoes blunt this natural process.

Use Slower & Longer Isometrics

If you want to maximize the intensity not only of your gym workout but also your calisthenic, bodyweight, and home workouts, then you can’t miss out on implementing eccentric isometrics in your exercises.

In this way, not only your muscle activation is maximized but you learn how to master your body and form mechanics.

High-Intensity Repetition

Yes, we all have to sometimes sacrifice the pleasure of lifting heavy and intense for a period of time but that doesn’t mean that our exercises would be useless or lack intensity without them.

Properly performed bodyweight drills, especially when using the eccentric isometric principle is of great intensity and create superb levels of motor recruitment and intramuscular tension.

Even during a simple bodyweight squat, you can take your effort levels through the roof.

Try going Eyes Closed

If you want to increase your workout intensity as well as force your body to clean up various forms and aberrations of movement dysfunction, performing your movements while closing your eyes is a great idea.

Besides challenging your feet and ankles, stabilizers, and core musculature, you will be able to develop a Ninja-like focus as you will have to rely more on your muscles rather than your vision.

Ever thought about using Water Bottles? 

Besides being the most common form of loading, water bottles are also very hard to control and stabilize during the workout. Even a small 5 kg water jug can be extremely challenging if you try to hold them in a bottoms-up fashion.

This is a wonderful approach for correcting various movement dysfunctions and implement your technique with great precision.

So which tip did you find the most interesting and how will you implement it?

Share in the comments section below! 

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