Don’t Depend on the Creator, be the Creator yourself!

Has life started to look empty lately?

Has your soul started craving for love, success, and appreciation?

Has your happiness started to depend on goals rather than relishing what you already have and what you are capable of?

Don’t worry everyone goes through this sucker of a situation.

These kinds of situations beat a person to their knees and make him believe that life was meant to be like this only i.e. pain-inflicting.

But this is not true at all, life is much more than that, in fact, life is so beautiful a journey that once you get the hang of it you will want it to continue on and on for eternity.

Have you been planning to start your Spiritual Journey but confused about where to start?

No Worries, Check this Out!

No, it’s not just a fake assurance to make you feel better, “What the hell you know about my life?” you might say.

But believe me, it’s not the situations that are going on around that define us but what is going on inside us which matters the most.

How to find what is going on inside us? You might ask and how the hell it’s going to affect the external situations in any way?

Yes this is a valid question but you have to try it to believe it, you have to find a peaceful place for yourself, one where nobody can disturb you.

Where you can see the clear picture, where you can listen to your inner voice, what is it that it is trying to tell you.

That’s when the real game begins, that’s when you start your journey to be the master of your mind, that’s when you be the creator yourself rather than depending on the universe to give you what you have been seeking.

Creator of joy, creator of success and creator of wealth!

That’s who you are!

Your life is a priceless gift!

Use it in the best way possible.

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Hello, I am Akshay Sharma, I am a content writer by profession. Fitness, meditation and reading are my passions. By being mindful of my physical, mental and spiritual fitness, I am becoming aware that life is full of adventures and fun and must be treated in that way only. A lot to learn and a lot to teach, that's what my mission is. Keep learning and keep spreading love buddies, Cheers!

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