Do you have what it takes to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted?

We as humans are always looking for new ways to become a better version of ourselves and take our success to the next level.

Be it self-help books, motivational videos or heart-touching biopics, we take the help of anything we can to get going on the tough road to success.

A constant hunger for success runs in our blood. We set eyes on our goals and take a vow to achieve them at any cost.

But do we really mean it?

Are we brave enough to chase our dreams?

To answer this you don’t have to put yourself in a weird situation like jumping off an airplane or fighting a wild animal with your bare hands.

You just have to keep in mind that you just can’t take no for an answer and have to overcome any barrier that tries to stand between you and success. It means having a burning desire to want success so badly that you can go to any limits to achieve it.

The truth is that if you’re not ready to give it your all, then you don’t have the necessary level of conviction to cross the finish line.

You lack self-confidence and are unwilling to take risks because of that. You might come up with fabulous plans but when it comes to their execution, you fail miserably.

Even if you are hungry for success, compromise, weak mindset, lack of self-belief and fear won’t let you reach the level you deserve. Now let’s talk about a lovely example of pushing your limits to accomplish your goals.

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I recently read an article of a young artist in India who used to practice drawing in the street lights due to the lack of space and concentration in his one room house.

Isn’t it a great example of doing whatever it takes?

The boy didn’t care about the weather or lack of safety outside. He was immensely determined to get his practice done. The lack of space or concentration at home didn’t make him quit his love for art instead he made a plan on how to overcome this challenge.

It may sound a bit cliché but making yourself comfortable in uncomfortable situations is the first step towards overcoming the toughest of obstacles.

Going against the odds, doing the unimaginable and being ready to face anything is what can make you emerge as a Champion.

If that facing anything means waking up at 4 am, do it. If it means avoiding all your favorite foods so that you can get in better shape and health, do it. If it is working on your dreams even after the grind of the 10-5 job, do it.

According to a research, if you work on your dreams continuously for 90 days then your results will surely skyrocket.

You will live your dream life and have everything in abundance.

So what’s holding you back till now?

Get up and begin right away!

The only person who is standing between you and your dreams is ‘YOU’!

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