Do you gossip about others? Well after reading this you might not do it again!

Do you like gossiping?

Yes it is enjoyable sometimes, agreed. But after reading this post you will realize that how dangerous it can be. A word or two that we say about someone might result in destroying several relationships.

A human mind doesn’t see, hear or read but it tries to match what it is receiving from the outside world with what it has in the internal world. Thatss why youu might noot notice thee errors iin this liine you are reading right now.

You pretty well know the errors in the previous line but your mind referred to your internal database and you got the correct meaning.

The same applies to hearing also. Many times you must have heard a phrase that you didn’t recognize at first but later on understood what the other person was trying to say.

In this case also your mind found the closest match for the phrase and you understood it a moments later.

Now let’s talk about how gossiping affects our mind!

For example if a person never met “Pratik” and you told him that Pratik is not a decent person then his mind will immediately develop a belief that Pratik is actually an indecent person even if he has no proof of it.

Now let’s suppose that the person with whom you had a word about Pratik meets him. What will happen now is that, that person will try to match Pratik’s behavior with the description that you gave about Pratik to him.

Anything that Pratik does might seem as indecent to him. Moreover, even if Pratik does something good, your friend’s mind will discard it because it won’t match with the description you gave him.

Your friend won’t treat Pratik in a good way which will ultimately make Pratik to treat your friend in the same way. These two people would become enemies and they will start to despise each other. So you get the picture?

All of this happened just because of the negative idea you planted in your friend’s mind that Pratik is not a decent person.

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The relation between Gossiping and Mind Programming  

You very well know that our minds get programmed by repetition. Even if your friend was getting along well with Pratik, repeating the thing that he is not a decent person will make him believe that it’s the reality.

The effect of mind programming becomes very powerful if more than one person does the same thing. For example if you and an another person tell your friend that Pratik is indecent then the chances of him believing you will be pretty high.

You can use this concept of programming in a positive way and become more attractive.

Do you know how?

Just ask your few friends to tell your partner that you are becoming more attractive and your partner will tend to believe them and find you really attractive.

So you must have got it by now that our minds try to match the outside world with its inside world. By gossiping about someone you are influencing the listener’s world negatively and he will try to find negatives in that someone even if those negative things weren’t there.

Avoid gossiping as much as possible.


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