Do you Fail more than You Succeed? Well, that’s Great!

Are you finding challenges in your life that get the better of you sometimes? If not then you are missing out on lots of rewards in your life.

There’s are dark sides to success also and to avoid these dark sides you need to fail more. And one of the best ways of doing this is to find challenges that punch us straight in the face and knock us into oblivion.

If you are in comfort and know that what tomorrow will bring then probably it is the easiest place to be in life.

It requires little effort but brings very little growth. If you pay attention to your role models who have achieved great things in their lives, you will see that they have failed more than they succeeded.

Shahrukh Khan wanted to be a hockey player but a serious back injury forced him to quit his favorite sport and take on acting.

MS Dhoni was a ticket collector in railways before he became the most successful captain in the history of Indian cricket.

Mary Kom overcame several hardships and obstacles to create a name for herself in the world of boxing.

Even you must have conquered a lot of challenges in your own life. And I am pretty sure that those challenges knocked you down before you rose up and beat them later.

These obstacles have meaning. They are the critical parts of the puzzle of your life.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you feel beaten or discouraged, then it is an excellent thing.

Life has all the ingredients of a True Champ!

Whatever you need, life has it all including the message that you have to pick yourself up and be more passionate, determined and tougher than before.

Sometimes the moment you fall is the moment when you have to collect yourself and come up with a new game plan to attack the obstacles again.

We need the beating life gives us. Just like an ocean wave gets the better of an amateur surfer, it’s just a signal that the surfer has to learn and be better at his craft.

Whoever you are and wherever you are right now, it’s the same for you. You must have faced several things in your life which have made you a much stronger person than before.

You must have got it by now that it’s critical to have a challenge, a challenge that can push you to your limits.

For the surfer, the joy and thrill of riding perfectly on the wave are worth the disappointment of getting beaten by the waves again and again.

For a man starting his business and pouring his soul into it and changing lives is worth grinding through each day to make it a success.

The emotional and adrenaline rush an actor gets on receiving an Academy Award is worth all the ‘behind the scenes’ struggles he/she had to go through.

These experiences can move you and your success can have a massive positive impact on you but success also has its downsides. That’s why it’s extremely important to face challenges that are tough to beat.

Why is Failure Important!         

A sportsperson is crushed when he is injured as he has to stay away from his passion but when he recovers he is charged up with new energy.

A man is devastated on seeing his business fail but he comes back smarter and with a new strategy.

The athlete fails in finishing the marathon but trains harder and finishes it the next time. This is the reason why and how failures can be utilized as a positive medium to accomplish your goals.

If you get knocked down, just take a step back, rest and try again. Just remember that nothing is final and you will be able to see that you have another opportunity to try.

The alarming situation is the one in which you are not facing challenges that are pushing your mind and body to the limits.

It means that you are playing it safer than necessary and need something that can propel you forward as soon as possible.

Even if you get beaten just remember that failure has a meaning and you can try again as long as you are passionate and determined for whatever you do.

What is the toughest adversity you have faced till now and how did you beat it?

Let me know in the comments section below.

All the Best!

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