Did you know these Amazing Benefits a Good Posture can give you?

As a kid you must have got the direction to stand straight hundreds of times but as you grow up the tendency of people even close to you giving this direction decreases.

But this shouldn’t be the case as posture is an extremely important part of wellness and is connected to health in several ways.

By maintaining a good posture you can reap countless benefits such as better sleep, less back pain, increased confidence etc. etc.

So in this post I am going to discuss with you several benefits of taking some time to pay attention to the way you sit and stand.

Less Headaches

When the posture is not good, the neck strains a lot especially when the head is leaned forward for long periods during a day for example leaning your head forward while working on a computer or looking at the phone.

But if you improve your posture you will decrease the strain on your ligaments, muscles, discs and joints in your neck considerably and eventually reduce your headaches.

Improved Joint Health

Poor posture can put a lot of strain on your joints also and can become chronic if the way you stand or sit is not correct. For example if you slump your shoulders forward and tilt your hips back, you can strain your lower spine and hip joints.

But if you work to improve your alignment, it will take the pressure of your joints and they will be lined up and eventually work in a stabilized manner.

Reduced Muscle Strain

Just like in the case of your joints, with a good posture your muscles also improve their performance. Your muscles are not put under load over and over and aren’t in constant contraction.

It eventually results in the firing of several muscles as you move, sit and stand, reducing the chances that you will be overusing just a few ones.

Improved Digestion

Can the way you stand or sit affect your digestion? Yes, it surely can! When you slump your shoulders or round your back, you create compression in your midsection which makes it more challenging for your digestive system to work optimally.

By paying attention to your posture you don’t reduce the amount of space in the abdomen and that keeps constipation, pelvic floor and heartburn problems at bay.

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Enhanced Energy

When your muscles and joints operate effectively and your organs aren’t compressed, you can breathe better and have a better blood circulation. This allows for more oxygen getting into your body and thereby providing more relaxation.

The result? Your energy reaches another level and makes your body to feel super amazing instead of overworked and overstressed.

Easier Breathing

Good posture also allows you to breathe more deeply which is not possible with a bad posture as your diaphragm and ribs aren’t able to complete the motion required to make the full expansion of lungs.

And as you know that the benefits of deep breathing can’t be stressed enough upon you can use good posture to improve the quality of your breathing in a superb way.

Better Workout Performance  

Good posture also helps you to maximize your muscles while working out which eventually improves your strength and muscular endurance for cardiovascular exercises like running, walking, strength training and HIIT.

It also maximizes your calorie burn when you are losing weight and also takes a lot burden off your core muscles.

Increased Confidence

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, a good posture can also give you great self-esteem. Sitting straight makes you feel awesome about yourself and your abilities. So sit upright and appear more confident than ever.

So when are you starting to pay attention to your posture and how?

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