Awesome Tips to Resume your Fitness after Childbirth!

Have you just brought your little one to this beautiful world but fear that you won’t be able to regain your fitness and shape like the old days?

No worries as I am dedicating this post to all the newly made mothers so that they can get back to superb shape and fitness even after giving birth to their babies.

If you’ve been a fitness enthusiast all your life, you might feel the urge to start exercising again after childbirth. But giving your body enough time to heal is the most important thing in this scenario.

Exercises place a lot of physical demands on the body and to be prepared to cope up with them, healing is necessary.

Every woman is different. Be it their bodies, deliveries, recovery, or healing, circumstances differ in every individual. But a few tips are the same for every woman who has just given birth and wants to exercise.

Here they go…

Get All Clear 

If this baby thing is new to you, seeing your provider and getting cleared is very important. Once done you can begin with a light-intensity activity and gradually make yourself stronger and more comfortable.

And this gradual progression can be anything from exercising on a stationary bike at low resistance or walking your baby in a stroller.

Even if you have been cleared by your doctor and feel that you’re ready there are some things that you must be careful about as being physically cleared for a workout doesn’t mean you can return to your old ways too soon.

However, if you try to do so you will take several unnecessary risks like the risk of tearing, bleeding, and placing more burden on your body than it can endure.

Listen to your Body 

Once you resume your physical exercises, bodyweight workouts are great to get back in the swing of things. Wall sits, squats, deep belly breathing, and pelvic floor exercises are all just perfect to start.

You will find a lot of activities a bit harder than you did them before but that’s fine. It will take some time for you to get yourself and your body back on track.

Avoid anything too Strenuous

If you are thinking about following an extreme circuit or joining an HIIT class, you might want to think again. You must keep in mind that your body is recovering from a huge amount of stress and you’ve been inactive for quite some time now.

Going for lower risk and lower intensity workouts is much better and preferable instead of ones that require hard moves and going side to side.

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Ignore the Scales

Yes, it might be very tempting to obsess over the scale but there are several things that will affect the number trying to scare you. Breastfeeding, the amount of sleep you are getting, your diet, all have an impact on your weight.

You’ve already got a lot to worry about with your little one so putting extra pressure on yourself about looking a certain way or weight won’t help.

Spend Quality Time with your Special One

Most importantly, it’s time to develop a great bond with your little one and not to be bothered about anything else. These special moments won’t come back, so make the most of them. Take small steps forward toward your return to exercise and have patience.

So how are you regaining your shape and fitness back?

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