Attract Anyone into your life with this Simple Method!

Have you ever noticed that when you post a status on Facebook different people comment on your status depending on the topic you mention in each status?

In the beginning, you get comments from your close friends only but when you mention different topics in your status you start to attract people who never commented on your status before.

Generally, people are attracted to those who share the same beliefs, interests, and values as them. This brings us to a very simple conclusion that if you want to attract someone toward you, you will have to understand how that person thinks, what are his interests and what are his beliefs.

According to these facts, we can say that what would attract John won’t attract Barry and what Katie might find interesting might be completely of no use to Daniela.

This is the same strategy that marketers use to sell their products. They first determine the kind of people they want to attract and then create their ads according to the interests of those people. Simply put, if you want to attract someone toward you, you need to understand what interests him/her.

Just think about your current friends and the reason why you became friends in the first place. Surely there must have been something common between you that motivated both the parties to become close and be good friends.

Once you attract the attention of the desired person by using this method, you can make that person like, admire or even love you.

We naturally fall in love with the person we see often and who is similar to us the most. Getting the attention of the desired person might not be enough to make him/her fall for you but still it is the first step to attract a potential partner.

Now let’s come to the practical steps that you can use to attract anyone into your life:

  • First, determine the person you want to attract – You need to know this as the marketers do.
  • Understand that person – Study him/her, understand how he/she behaves, thinks and what his /her beliefs are.
  • You will become a magnet – Once you start showing signs of similarity, your desired person will be after you like anything.

Simple, effective and must-try!

Who are you attracting today?

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