Are you making these mistakes while walking? Avoid them today to lose weight!

You very well know that walking is a great way to lose extra belly fat and tone the body. But if your progress has stopped, don’t worry.

Maybe you are committing some common mistakes that are stopping you to make the progress you deserve.

Let’s discuss them!

You’re not varying intensity

While walking at a consistent and leisurely pace is way better than being a couch potato, walking at a brisk pace is extremely important if you want to burn calories and trigger weight loss.

If you find it hard to increase the pace then try doing it for shorter periods with intervals of recovery in between.

You’re always walking the same route

If you always take the same old route, your body will adapt to it and won’t find it challenging at all. For more weight loss and freshening up things, change your route every now and then.

A beach, park, or hill anything new will serve your purpose brilliantly.

You are neglecting Strength Training

Strength training is an indispensable part of weight loss as it helps to build muscle which assists in burning more calories.

Be it simple bodyweight exercises or dumbbell/kettlebell ones, strength training strengthens the core, glute, and hips needed to walk more and faster.

You’re not paying attention to the form

A poor walking form also decreases your pace, causing you to tire too soon and injure yourself. Since it directly affects how far and long you are able to walk, walking with proper form is critical if you want to lose weight.

You are not focusing on Nutrition

Be it walking or strength training, a hard workout can make you feel hungrier than before. While you can fuel your walking easily with smart snacks, paying attention to the overall diet is never out of fashion.

Make sure you are not taking the extra calories that might hamper your weight loss journey.

You are using weights in the wrong way

Many people use ankle weights to torch more calories and increase the toughness level of their workouts.

If you are one of them, you should make sure that you are doing it carefully as ankle and wrist weights put extra stress on your hips, lower back, and knees which can cause strains and injuries.

Add weight to your ankles only 1-2 times a week and if you want to challenge yourself without using them, trails, hills, and terrains can serve the purpose for you.

You are being a Couch Potato

You very well know that a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are linked directly. Even if you are going for a walk on a regular basis, staying inactive for the rest of the day is not a great idea.

Taking out 5-7 minutes for walking every hour counteracts the negative effects of sitting greatly.

You are being too hard on yourself

Goals are undoubtedly great as they give you the necessary motivation to workout daily and push your limits. However, if you develop a habit of setting unrealistic goals, it can have a negative effect on you.

For example, if you have been sedentary most of your life but suddenly decide to walk a marathon, it might cause injuries. Moreover failing to do it might result in negativity and disappointment.

Set smaller, achievable goals and slowly build on that.

You are putting off things for later

Surfing the internet aimlessly and wasting time on social media are the two most common practices that can hamper almost anything, including your walk routine.

If you don’t set a routine, you are more likely to put your walking off for later, and unfortunately that later will never come.

To avoid it, set a schedule and give your best to stick with it.

You are not walking for long  

If you want to speed up the progress of your walking routine try to walk for longer distances, at least once a week. Not only it will help to build your stamina but will also burn more calories in the process.

So that’s it, 10 common mistakes you might be making while choosing walking as your primary method of exercise. Pay attention to them and get the most out of your next walk.

Stay healthy, stay fit.

Happy Walking.

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