Are you frequently Jealous of people? Overcome Jealousy today!

You all know what is jealousy!

You must have seen a lot people in your life who become jealous of each other because of self-doubts and feelings of competency.

And you very well know that it’s not a healthy habit at all.

So in this post I am going to discuss how you can get rid of this unhealthy habit if unfortunately you are among those individuals who become very negative and uncomfortable of others’ success.


The first and foremost step toward eliminating jealousy is building your self-confidence. If you try to focus on your strengths and believe that you are one of a kind then you can eliminate the feelings of jealousy to a great extent.

Lack of self-confidence give rise to insecurity which ultimately leads to jealousy.


The second step toward eliminating jealousy from your system is fixing your self-image mentally and physically. Doing so will boost your self-confidence in a great way and therefore reduce the feelings of jealousy.

The Feelings of Insecurity

If you experience jealousy in your romantic relationship then fixing your self-image and building your self-confidence will reduce the feelings of jealousy and insecurity significantly.

Be Stronger than your Fears

Doesn’t matter what kind of fear you are experiencing, if you try to deal with them rather than running away from them, you will move ahead in your journey of eliminating jealousy much more smoothly.

Whether it’s a fear of rejection or fear of abandonment, facing your fears is a great step toward dealing with jealousy.  

Make some External Changes

Even though jealousy is something that originates from within, at times you need to make some external changes along with fixing your inner world.

For example, if someone achieved success before you and you’re jealous of him then try to find out how he achieved that success and why you didn’t.

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Assertiveness goes a long way

As you very well know that assertiveness is communicating what you feel without aggression nor letting your rights to be violated, by being assertive, you will be able to stand up for your rights whenever you want to and in a much better way.

Anger Management

Another drawback of jealousy is anger. It doesn’t only make you feel bad and frustrated but also ruin your relations with other people. On your path to eliminate jealousy, make sure you know how to master your emotions to avoid undesirable consequences.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone

Unfortunately a lot of people get jealous of others because they achieved something that they failed to do. But what’s extremely important here is that the understanding that each person is unique and has a different journey.

If someone achieved something when he was 25, doesn’t mean that you also have to achieve that at that age. You can achieve whatever you want, whenever you want.

Always Back yourself!

Trying to bring others down because they are more successful than you is a sign of weakness. Instead focus on improving the quality of your life and you will achieve more success than ever. This is one of the best ways to deal with the problem of jealousy.

Everyone has their own challenges

It doesn’t matter how good you are in your craft, you may be dealing with problems that the other person didn’t face.

A person might have become successful because a lot of things favored him. You need to understand that everyone has their own challenges and with hard work and determination you will surely reach your goals.

So how are you eliminating jealousy and improving the quality of your life?

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