Are You a Victim of Bullying? Don’t Worry, Not Anymore!

If I just had enough strength I would have dealt with him. Only if I was brave enough I would have beaten him and prevented my humiliation.

How can I allow him to insult me in front of everyone? Everyone was laughing at me like anything. I hate my life!

Are these words familiar to you?

Do you have to write these lines in your diary every night?

If yes then it’s not a pleasant situation to be in at all.

Surely it feels extremely bad when someone bullies you. It makes you feel weak, helpless, ashamed and worthless.

But don’t worry as in this post I will explain the mentality of a bully to you and after that, you will pity the bully and feel great about yourself and your life.

Let’s do it!

Why does he bully you?

A bully appears to be in control, strong, and confident but the truth is that the bully is bothering you to get over the problems he is going through in his own life.

He is compensating for the way people have treated him in the past and by treating you badly he is trying to make himself feel good.

Here are a few more points that will help you to know the truth about bullies and the working of their minds:

  • As mentioned above if a person was bullied by others in the past, he also might become a bully to feel strong and in control.
  • Bullies are very weak so they try to find someone weaker and assert control over him to feel good about themselves.
  • Bullies only seem to be popular but the fact is that they feel neglected and unloved so they try to seek the attention of people by treating a weak person badly.

So the first step to deal with bullies is to keep in mind that you are dealing with an emotionally unstable and insecure person.

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Now let’s come to the Business

The first step to deal with a bully is to build confidence in yourself so that the bully doesn’t think that you are a potential target and the second thing is to learn to be assertive so that he isn’t able to bully you.

You surely must have noticed that bullies make weak people their targets or who appear to be weak.

You will appear much stronger and in control, if you communicate assertively.

The bully won’t be able to think you as a potential target and will cease to bother you. If you prove to him that he is not stronger than you then he won’t dare to mess with you again.

This can be done by being assertive in your communication and using assertive body language gestures.

Moreover, if you are confident about yourself then his nasty comments won’t have any negative impact on you.

Sure it won’t be as simple as it looks but start applying this approach and be patient, the results will be in your favor. New studies have claimed that bullies don’t lack confidence but they do it for other reasons.

According to these studies, bullies are raised in families that teach them that violence is the solution to every problem.

This study seems logical but still, it didn’t explain why do bullies bully in the first place even if they don’t benefit from it.

So the next time if you have to face a bully just keep in mind that through his undesirable actions, he is just trying to fulfill his psychological needs and you’ll be good.

Bring It On!

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