Alcohol and its relationship with your body fat, how much is okay!

Are you fitness and an alcohol lover at the same time?

If yes then sometimes you must be constantly worried about whether or not alcohol leads to weight gain. Well, the connection between alcohol and weight reduction is a bit complicated. I will try to break that down and offer some tips on how to manage to have fun and being responsible.

You don’t have to ditch alcohol completely to lose fat but if you manage to do so, it might help to shed some extra flab from your body.

Several studies have shown that if you consume light to moderate amounts of alcohol (i.e. 1 drink a day for women and not more than 2 drinks a day for men), you won’t necessarily gain weight.

But you might wonder what does 1 drink means?

Well, let me tell you, if you want to consume Wine then do not have more than 150 ML of the same in a day. If you are a whiskey lover then do not consume more than 45 ML and if you are a beer guzzler then about 350 ML a day is good enough for you.

Alcohol alone won’t make or break your weight loss goals. If you enjoy a few drinks a week (but not in excess mind you), you can still have a successful weight loss journey.

It’s in fact what comes along drinking alcohol that might affect your belly more. Be it nachos, pizza or (whatever you like to have along with your favorite drink), when you sip alcohol there’s hardly a time when you ignore this lip-smacking stuff.

And the consequences, well you are quite aware of that!

So how can I be a responsible drinker you might ask!

Here’s how,

  • You need to examine how much you are drinking right now. If your drinking is exceeding 1 or 2 drinks a day then you need to cut it down as soon as possible, both for your body fat and general health.
  • What do you eat while drinking matters, even sometimes more than the drinking itself. If you are consuming alcohol in limits then it might not be a problem but if you team it up with a high-calorie meal then surely it can get problematic for your health and weight loss goals.
  • If a drink a day is a must-have for you then you must try cutting out calories somewhere else or by any other method. Cutting down your carbs intake a bit and regular physical activity will surely help a lot.

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