A Word about Anxiety you need to know!

Are you suffering from Anxiety?

If not then lucky you!

If you are then you very well know that how nasty it is!

But no need to worry as this is not a post that will take you further in the hole but make you rise from it and start a brand new life.

Here I will discuss what is anxiety, its symptoms, causes and finally how can it be treated.

Basically anxiety is an amalgamation of two feelings. The first one is getting worried about the future and the second is feeling that you can’t do anything about it.

Anxiety, just like any other emotion is a signal from your brain prompting you to take action.

The reason why an athlete is anxious before a performance is that his mind wants him to prepare for it in a better way.

When you feel that you are not in control of your life, worrying about the future is totally natural. It leads to the feeling of helplessness and eventually anxiety hits you.

The Causes

Lack of self-confidence is one of the major causes of anxiety as the anxious person feels that he has no control over his life and is totally helpless.

But if you work to build self-confidence, you will experience greater control over your life and reduce anxiety significantly.

You should also keep in mind that anxiety is generally caused by your perception of the event rather than the event itself.

For example if you interpret a certain event incorrectly, you will needlessly feel anxious about it. I repeat that building confidence in your abilities is a great way to reduce the anxiety of future events.

In that way you become sure about upcoming events and anxiety isn’t able to touch you.

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The Symptoms of Anxiety

If you are anxious then irritability, increased heart rate, lack of concentration, sweating etc. are some of the symptoms you might experience.

The good news is that suffering from anxiety doesn’t mean that you are a weak person or there’s something wrong with you. It’s just an emotion that our brain uses so that we can live a better life even if it was used at inappropriate times.

The problem begins when anxiety becomes a disorder. When this happens you get anxious in situations even when the emotion is not needed and your performance is affected as a result.

If you are feeling anxious even in the absence of any real danger then it is said to be a disorder. Here are a few anxiety disorders:

  • Panic Attack – When you experience a sudden strong anxiety attack along with an intense fear, it is said to be a Panic attack.
  • Agoraphobia – Agoraphobia is the fear of a panic attack and the inability to deal with it.
  • General Anxiety Disorder – A General Anxiety Disorder results in worries needlessly through life.

The Magical Treatment

The problem with anxiety is that when it occurs, the person stops to breathe properly which further aggravates the problem. But if you learn how to relax and control your breathing, you can break this self-reinforcing cycle easily.

The better you become at relaxation techniques, the more you will be in control of your emotions and the lesser anxious you will be.

Be Positive Stay Positive

Another big reason for anxiety is negative thinking. As you very well know, negative thinking is the habit of using negative phrases and words while thinking such as “I won’t be able to crack this exam”, “I will never get this job” etc. etc.

But if you transform your negative thinking into positive one, you can take a big step toward eliminating anxiety from the roots.

So what is it that you’ve been anxious about and how will you overcome it?

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All the Best!

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  • Chandra Bhedi pranayam and deep breathing will help a lot in controlling the anxiety also Apan vayu mudra and pran mudra will help a lot very good akshay keep it up beta

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