A quote from the Legendary Sylvester Stallone that can make you Rise from Hell!

If you’re a movie lover then surely you must have seen the Rocky Series. If not, by any chance, let me tell you! Rocky Series is one of the most inspiring stories ever told in the history of cinema and in a super fantastic way.

It tells the story of Rocky Balboa, a young and ambitious man who wants to be the greatest boxer who ever lived.

He is poor, broke and naturally has limited means to train himself for competing against the elite boxers. But that doesn’t stop him and his burning desire and he goes on to be the greatest champion of all time.

In his journey to do so, he encounters many hardships including condition of his wife getting critical while giving birth to their child, his trainer dying and also his boxer friend being knocked to death in the ring by a Russian boxer.

But Rocky, in spite of going down and under several times kept saying one thing to himself, “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”, yes that’s right!

He had this belief in mind that doesn’t matter what I am going through or facing in life, my toughness or victory will be defined by how much I can endure instead of just caring about how much I can hit.

And this quote and story of Rocky Balboa can be applied in your life too!

You can also go on to achieve anything and win in your life if you start believing that it’s about how much you can endure in your life rather than just caring about winning.

Anything can be achieved if you develop ‘The Rocky Balboa Attitude’.

And in this post I will just share with you how you can develop this mindset and be a winner in everything you encounter in your life.

Win Rocky Win!

No job is ‘Perfect’!

Life doesn’t always pan the way you plan, there will be times when it will go completely off-track. You might lose your job, money or even partner. It will be very messy and you might think that you won’t be able to make it.

If you’re not able to get your ‘dream job’ sometimes you have to do the job you hate in order to make your ends meet.

Once you start doing it properly you will regain your confidence and make your dreams even bigger than before.

Don’t Get Stuck in the ‘9-5 Trap’!

If you become happy and satisfied with your job enough that you stop pushing yourself and working on your dreams then the first step won’t do any good for you except paying your bills.

You will remain a corporate’s puppet all your life if you don’t plan on how to escape it through hard work and determination.

Even if you are busy like hell in your present job it’s very important for you to carve some time out for a side hustle that will act as a bridge between your dreams and making them happen.

Unfavorable situations is where the Character is Built!

Nothing is impossible if you have the courage to keep going through tough times. And sometimes that courage is built when you have to do something you don’t love or enjoy.

It’s the tough times only when you learn how to overcome your demons and rise.

Courage isn’t built when you are in your comfort zone. When you have to use every ounce of strength left in you to overcome a hardship, that’s when a defining moment comes in your life.

So, tougher the challenges, the better you are.

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Say No to Complacency!

Don’t be afraid of doing something that you don’t love as it’s not permanent. If you just keep on tackling it with a head strong attitude, you will come out of it and come out well.

You will realize your dream of working in your dream organization or starting your dream business.

So don’t complain and stack up the odds in your favor. Just see your job as short term and believe that you will break through.

You’re in much better situation than others

Sometimes you might feel that it’s only you who is struggling in life but if you make an effort to hear others’ stories, you will realize that you are not alone and you will gain more perspective about the people who have knocked against all odds to come out on top.

Nobody can Win Everytime!

You can be the most successful person in your field today and the next day you can be knocked off the top spot.

You can be the best painter today, tomorrow someone else might take your place who is more creative and talented than you.

You don’t have to be too hard on yourself by trying too hard to be at the top. Sometimes we have to just go with the flow.

You have to keep in mind that sometimes falling in life and going against the tide is how you can rise up again. As the famous dialogue in Batman Begins goes..

“Bruce, Why do we Fall?”

Whatever you’re facing will pass, it always does. So pick yourself up dude and keep moving forward so that when you ultimately win after hell lot of struggles, you can also say..

“Yo Adrian, I did it!”

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