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Have you ever realized in your life that your emotions are the result of your thoughts plus your perception of your current situation?

I bet you have, at least at some point in your life.

Let me tell you, this method of therapy is ‘Cognitive Behavior Therapy’.

And according to this therapy, an individual’s behavior is based upon his emotions but if he manages to change his emotions, he can change his behavior easily.

For example, if someone points a knife at you, the consequences of that event will come to your mind, before you get afraid.

And when you come to the conclusion that yes you are in real danger, you will be afraid.

So CBT is based upon the fact that the thoughts that came to your mind during a certain situation change your emotions rather than the situation itself.

How you can make CBT work for you

Fortunately CBT is one of the most effective and fastest methods to change a lot of behavioral patterns and undesirable emotions by simply changing your thought process.

The reason for the unwanted emotions in your life is the self-reinforcing cycles that are created by you only, be it your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

For example if you think that you are a loser then it will be very hard for you to approach people the way you would approach them if you hadn’t that thought.

It’s because of you, not approaching people properly that you will face rejection, not because of your belief.

This is where you can bring Cognitive Behavior Therapy into play. If you change your thoughts, your emotions will change and ultimately your behavior will transform.

CBT can be used to get rid of this negative cycle effectively, you can either question your irrational belief of considering yourself a loser or act as you are not a loser.

Both the methods will help you in a great way to get out of the negative cycle of reinforcement.

So you can say goodbye to any unwanted behavior be it anger, anxiety, depression or fear, just by employing Cognitive behavior therapy.

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Using CBT to get over a Breakup    

Some people find it very hard to get over a breakup just because of the beliefs they form about their relationships.

And one of the most popular beliefs that makes life difficult of a person after a breakup is the concept of “The One”.

Due to this belief a person is fooled into believing that there is only “One” soulmate and if he can’t get him/her, he won’t be able to get anyone in his life.

Unfortunately these thoughts can turn into emotions of helplessness and depression.

And ultimately into a feeling of being broken and a desire to get back in that relationship. You can avoid all these problems by dealing with the root cause i.e. ‘False Beliefs’ that result in negative emotions.

Once you are able to do it you can get over anyone and achieve whatever you desire in your life.

All the Best!

Share with me how you have or will turn your negative beliefs into something positive and energizing.

Your opinion and happiness matters to me.

Let’s make this world a better place together!

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