A Drink that can Change your Life!

You very well know that in recent years Green Tea has emerged as a health-boosting drink.

But did you know that if you drink Green Tea on a regular basis, you will have 20% less risk of heart diseases as compared to the one who doesn’t drink it at all?

Moreover, Green Tea lovers have 15% less risk of dying from any cause. A study has found that Green tea sippers live almost 2 years longer and have clearer arteries as compared to the ones who avoid it.

So what is the secret behind Green Tea being so powerful? Well let me tell you, it is packed with Flavonoids which are plant compounds.

These are antioxidants that counter the disease-causing factors of inflammation and free radicals. They also keep your heart healthy by improving blood vessel functions and specific heart cells.

What’s more, they decrease the risk of heart disease by regulating blood pressure and reducing blood fats.

Now let’s take a look at some popular Green Tea Varieties

  • Sencha – This one is the most popular Japanese Green tea. It’s low in caffeine, rich in vitamin C and has a fresh flavor.
  • Matcha – Matcha is a powdered form of Green tea which can be spotted in almost every grocery store and coffee shops all over the world. It is made using whole tea leaf that’s why it is rich in anti-oxidants and contains more caffeine.
  • Gyokuro – This variant is almost similar to Sencha except the tea leaves are kept away from sunlight 21 days before harvesting. As a result, the photosynthesis is less keeping the amino acids in the leaves and gives a fuller taste.

As mentioned above if you consume Green tea regularly, you can keep your blood pressure in check. It is especially beneficial if you have high blood pressure.

You are well aware that Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that is gripping the world rapidly but thanks to Green Tea as it also helps to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer (like prostate, stomach and oral).

Worried about diabetes or obesity? No worries start drinking Green tea and you can keep them at bay.

You might find this extremely interesting that it can also help you to keep your brain sharp as a blade as consuming it at least once a day decreases the risk of cognitive decline by a massive 30%.

Spike up your attention levels, decrease anxiety, boost your mood and achieve great wonders by adding this miraculous drink in your diet.

Mindfulness, exercise and healthy eating are must but making some small changes in your lifestyle can fetch you unimaginable results. So when are you ditching sugar-rich drinks and adding Green Tea to your routine?

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