10 Ways to stay Awesome when Working from Home

When you’ve been going to office and working for several years, it might get a bit difficult to make the shift of working in office to working from home.

Yes there’s a bit of fun in this like the flexibility of hours and freedom to do anything you want in between your work, but there are also a lot of distractions also.

As a result it is easy to feel scattered and unproductive. Instead of blaming yourself for this, you can seize this opportunity to enhance the way you work and achieve goals.

So in this post I am going to discuss with you how you can enhance your concentration and also take care of your health while doing so.

Let’s do it…

One Step at a Time

Although there are countless ways you can make a positive change in your habits, do not worry yourself on acting on all of them at once. If you try to transform your lifestyle overnight, most probably you will have a very hard time doing it.

It’s important not to overwhelm your mind and focus on progress rather than the destination.

When you try to make one small change, it gets pretty easier to integrate other things and achieve the desired results.

Refresh your Schedule  

Maybe you used to utilize a single day for meetings and sit in the conference rooms for hours. You can still do that but if you try to divide your meetings throughout the week, you will feel more creative and energized when you do your other tasks.

Pay attention to how you feel after following this approach and create your schedule accordingly.

Time Blocking Technique

You must be aware of this concept, if not, let me tell you. Time blocking is a very popular concept among productivity professionals in which you divide your day into periods of time or blocks. Each block is devoted to a single task.

You have to determine how long you want your blocks to be (15 minutes, 30 minutes or more) and decide when you will do what.

During a block, turn off all notifications, be it an email or a text on messenger. Set a timer and work till the time is over. It takes a bit of time before you figure out what will work best for you but once you get in the flow everything just clicks.

Ever considered taking ‘Productive Breaks’?

When you are done with something mentally challenging, you can consider taking a break and do some tasks around your house. Just a little bit of time given to cleaning a room or kitchen can do wonders for you.

A tick in your to-do list, bit of rest to your brain and a recharged you, how cool is that!

It’s a New Day Mates!  

Studies have shown that if you change your clothes when you wake up, it can put you in a productive mode. Putting on something fresh and comfortable enhances your concentration.

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Make Work more fun by working from Multiple Spaces

By taking calls in your home office, working on your proposals in the kitchen, attending video calls in your dining room, etc. you can achieve any goal easily…just kidding…the idea is just to utilize different environments so that you can make your work more fun and stay more focused.

And you don’t even need a palace like home to do that, you can move from one corner to other and notice significant change in your energy and vibes.

Don’t let your fluid levels drop

By keeping a big bottle of water on your desk you can not only reap the benefits of drinking more water but can also encourage movement. Naturally you won’t be sitting stationary for hours if you keep on sipping water every 30 minutes or so.

And obviously your bottle will be out of water, right?

Balance your emotions

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just take some time to observe the feeling and try to determine its cause. It can be your messy workspace, your ignorance of your health, or a long pending task. Once you deal with it, you will notice things starting to make more sense.

Have a more Positive Mindset

Negative thinking causes stress and stress harms your productivity and focus. So instead of giving a negative suggestion to yourself like, “I have to get everything done between 8 and 5, think that “I have 24 hours and only 8 hours of work to be done”.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Right now the situation isn’t very easy and it would be unfair to expect perfection from yourself and others during this time. Forgive yourself and others and pay attention to your mental and physical health and things will start to fall in place on their own.

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